Anti-Communist Missles

Anti-Communist Scope
American turns off his artilleries scope and other added senses, and lets his helmet unleash an eyepiece that identifies enemies. The piece declares if an enemy infront of him is a communist or not. The piece malfunctions improperly and declares all of his enemies communists. Yet the piece operates well enough to give him some type of upped accuracy to his shots.

(Accuracy Enhancement
Sig Points: 40
Cooldown: 2)


1. Where does "missiles" come into play?
2. Upped Accuracy =x= Homing. Choose accordingly.
1) Missles are basically used to refer to the attacks used.
2) Its Homing, I just used Upped Accuracy to describe it.
Anti-Communist? AWESOME.

Still, Demon's right. "Anti-Communist Scope" would fit better. And, furthermore, no matter what sort of scope you have in the entire world, I doubt it would make your shots home in on stuff.

The attack itself is fine, but the descriptions, just don't taste right, flava-wise.
*Changed it, but yea Homing didn't fit that well.*
Then your good, big W.