Name: Sharmandra
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's fairly tall, has blue eyes, longe dirty blonde hair, is slightly overweight, and a little weaker than usual.
Personality: He's very enthusiastic and friendly, and tries to be funny. He understands that there is a time to be serious, but sometimes he will be the last to realize that its that time (and sometimes, the first, it really depends on the situation). He tends to be somewhat hypocritical sometimes, to him its much easier to solve other people's problems than his own. He usually seems hyper as a first impression.
PET Modifications: It's white and black, with silver trim. There are specks of purpleish-blue on it.

Name: Cyon
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Normal
Appearance: I'll have a sprite soon if I can. He's a slightly tall navi, with a generally dark purple color scheme. On his chest is a golden breastplate consisting of multiple strips of metal (similar to what Pharoahs would have on their cheast, but without any designs). On his head , starting at the center of his horehead are V-Shaped crystal ridges, which are typically clear or blueish. He has a typical humanoid face, with baby blue eyes. He has a large buster. His knees have spikes on them, and his boots are very angular.
Personality: He's typically calm and coolheaded, but he gets hyper sometimes, almost an opposite of Sharmandra.
Custom Weapon: Rapid- A super-fast energy whip attached to the buster. It dissapates after use.
Charge: A huge whip of energy, attached to two miniature ones. It retracts after use.
Signature Attack: Cat-O-Nine: 9 Whips fly out of Cyon's blaster and hit the target. The whips look like his typical ones, except they glow green. 80 Dmg, 2 Turn Cooldown, Wood Element

Quote ()

He understands that there is a time to be serious, but sometimes he will be the last to realize that its tha time (and sometimes, the first).
This doesn't make sense. I'd prefer it if you kept him as serious or not, or at least explained this more. Your profile overall is very short-- and we here don't like that.

Your Navi appearance is completely unacceptable. Your Navi can look like "a Megaman," but you're going to have to explain it in your own words. You are not allowed under any circumstances to say "He looks like ______."

You do get a Signature Attack; everyone starts with one and then can buy more. 40 points of damage equals 1 point of cooldown and you may have up to 80 points of damage at this time, or less damage with some special effects. If you want to complicate your sig attack that way, I'll help.
I don't really understand, he's just like me. I'm hyper, but I can be serious. He's a round character, not a stereotype who's always hyper or always serious. If you need more, than fine I'll do it.

And as for the appearance, I'll change it right away.

BTW: Is there anyplace we can give our characters some backstory/history?
Just add a section for "History."

List the damage for your Attack, and the cooldown.

And you can keep your personality if you're so intent on it. I'll wait for a second opinion before officially inducting you.
No I don't want to disobey, but I don't understand whats wronfg with it. For example, Takkest says pretty much the same thing. If I need to go in more depth, here, I'll try.

Would you mind explaining how cooldown works? (Mine's 2 tuerns, right?)
Attack used
Attack unavailible
Attack unavailible
Attack availible again

^ a 2-turn cooldown

As for your personality, go ahead. But wait for a second opinion.
Now when you say unavailable, do you mean ANY attack, or I can ust only use my Sig every Third turn?

Okay, I'll wait. Will someone just post here saying its cool/not allowed like you did?

EDIT: BTW I say looks like Megaman because the sprite is a modified Megaman.
CD only applies to the used Sig.

A la:

1. Use sig.
2. Can't use THAT sig.
etc, etc
3. Can use sig again. (yay!)
Thanks alot. Are you allowed to (dis)approve my guy?

BTW: Great Avatar.

Kazu's right--your character's personality is slightly odd. It reminds of of Bo-Bobo--what exactly determines when he goes "serious"? Is it completely random? Some indicating factor? You don't need it right away, but leaving other players with no idea how your character will react makes RPing slightly more difficult, see.

Alrighty, so your buster shoots... whips? Interesting. Do the whips go back to the blaster after firing, or do they--the physical thing's not that important, but might be a pain when you're trying to RP.

Mechanically, you're fine. It's just mostly RP fluff you've got.

Now, your Sig will be doing Wood type damage, unless you want it to do Null type (there's nearly no reason to do that, though).

Also, again for RP purposes we have a normal buster attack (Rapid) and a souped-up version (Charge). If you want, you can make the two as similar or as different as you want--just document it under Custom Weapon.

Got all that?
OKay- I'm sorry, now I understand what you don't get. He tries to be funny and happy and stuff, but he knows not to tell jokes at a funeral. That's the best analogy. What I mean to say is that he's typically energetic and optimistic, but if his friend died or something he'd be upset. For the sake of the roleplay, assume he's normally happy-go-lucky.

You have a point there. What I aimed for was a whip extending from the buster, but that'll be his charge attack. His standard attack will be a typical buster. Thinging about it, I guess having to extend the whip then retract it would logically take too much time for a basic attack.

Again, I'm sorry, I normally can't understand what to fix with things until someone else points out what's wrong. I'll edit my main post ASAP.

And all that fluff will be adressed in my actual profile page, such as History, Clothing, etc.

EDIT: Nah, I'm gonna stick with the whip thing for both shots, they'll just be fast... VERY fast. Also, the term "He understands there is a time to be serious" was meant to be explanatory. Guess that's a phrase only I understand.

And if anyone else misunderstands, Takkest put it best.

Quote ()

Taklest tends to be rather childish for his age and has the hyperactivity to boot. Though he can be serious at certain times when he knows that joking around is not to be taken lightly.
Which is exactly what I said.
Keep in mind, we aren't that strict when it comes to the actual form of your custom weapon. It doesn't have to be a buster that fires whips. Your Navi could carry a whip or have a whip grow from his arm in the same manner as Omega Red from X-Men or his arm could just turn into a whip ala vines and what not. There are many ways to play around with the RP fluff.
The whip doesn't shoot from the buster. Here's what its like: If your fist started flowing. It you made a whipping motion with that hand, a whip would extend from it. Now that you mention being flexible, I think I'll change it so both retract.
Sounds good. Above all, be creative. The more your Navi is "your own", the better.
Your sig attack is overpowered. Starting Navis first sigs generally can't do more than 70 damage without some form of drawback.

My only other beef is that you're ruin my monopoly on Wood Navis, but I guess I'll let that slide...

Change the sig damage, and I think you'll be set, unless anyone ELSE catches something.
Read my Sig, Kazu said I can have 80. If that's a typo, I'll change it. Until then, I'll assume it IS a typo.

And I don't really think Cyon is a Wood kinda guy, but I like healing. Typically when I play him, he's normal with an Elec Sig, but losign 40 dmg for being off element? No thanks.
If you like healing, you could make a recover Navi.

But Steve is right. Starting Navi begin with a 70 point value Sig.
Okay I'll assume kazu made a typo then.
Yup, Kazu did. *smacks*

Anyways, crank the damage down 10 (80 => 70) and read the stuff on Signatures (not attacks, but the little bit under your post--oop, being captain obvious again. ^^; )

Newbie pack, go!
Basic Chip pack! Shotgun x1, Cannon x1, Rageclaw x1.
Basic NaviCust pack! Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1.

EDIT: Looks like you're a step ahead of the ballgame. Just be patient and wait for a nifty giant APPROVE next time, aight? Topic locked.