New Navi: Memoriam.EXE

Kazuhiro Sachiro Ishihara

I would like to request Rebirth items, which, I think, should mean everything.

Name: Memoriam.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Break

Appearance: A youngish boy, probably in his early teens, with messy black hair sticking out from a thick red headband. The left half has been smoothed down and combed neatly to one side. He has one brown eye and one blue eye, the brown eye being partially covered by the combed half of his hair as well as a thin pair of dark sunglasses that rest on the end of his nose. He wears a long-sleeved dress shirt, wrinkled and buttoned in much the same way as a human's, except that the right sleeve has been torn off to make way for a heavy metal gauntlet and a blue ribbon around his thin, toned bicep. He wears a black cape decorated with intricate golden patterns draped over his other shoulder. It stops before his hand, showing the sleeve neatly cuffed, to make way for a studded leather wristband. The shirt is tucked into a pair of light, soft, off-white pants that are held up by a black leather belt. One of Memoriam's knees is in a brace, for no reason other than to help it to take heavier shocks. To the opposite thigh the lower part of a belt holster for a large gun, concealed under the cape, is attached. Memoriam uses it only for the occaisional chip attack. Finally, Memoriam wears a pair of heavy boots. One ankle has been affixed with a red ribbon, holding the loose pants in place. The impression is that of a total mash-up of many different things: modern and ancient, deadly and romantic, comical and serious.

Personality: Memoriam was programmed to be gentle and polite with others, capable and professional in battle. Though naive and full of questions, he's also as smart as they come, and never needs to be told something more than once. His unique programming means that almost everything he knows is newly learned, and sometimes it seems as if his most polite gesture is actually a carefully selected response for the situation. He can be rash, foolish, cautious, calculating, or a brilliant tactitian at the blink of an eye.

Custom Weapon: A sword of shimmering green data, which has a tendency to flicker in mid-strike, changing shape and length. A jewel on his off-hand can create energy blasts of the same color. Memoriam's attacks are executed with these two weapons, but Memoriam has the unusual ability to use chips independently of his body-- that is, projectile or effect chips have a tendency of appearing out of midair to strike from an unexpected angle.

Signature Attack:

[1.0.3] Cap 110: Feedback
The next five enemies who attack, at any time, are met with an invisible and very fast-moving bolt of energy that stuns them. These stuns automatically have one of Memoriam's Break uses for the turn added on. The stuns stack if the same enemy attacks several times. 3TCD

Addendum to Kazu's History section:

Titania and Oberon, because of their unique nature, gradually became completely self-reliant as their Operator became steadily more involved with his wife and less involved with hard-core Netbattling, as he had been in years past. Normally this would not have been a problem, but it made Kazu realize that he was never really bonded with Titania and Oberon quite like they were with each other. Besides, he had come into posession of them purely by chance. They were unique, and he was not fit to operate such a wonder.

When Kazu finally voiced this to them, they understood, and thanked him sincerely for his honesty and the care he had taken in operating and training them. Hoping to see each other again someday, they parted. Kazu reported Titania and Oberon as deleted due to a fatal error caused by the unknown properties of their code, and went to SciLabs to have work started on a new Navi. It was the first time he had ever helped to create a Navi from scratch, and this time, it would be different. Toshokan, Titania, and Oberon had been bred for battle-- but the new Navi would be different. where the other Navis had vast amounts of programming inserted to prepare them for battle, making them into efficient and tactically astute soldiers, this one used a revolutionary new program that taught the Navi nearly nothing except for a gentle personality, respect for (but not unquestioned obedience to) its owner, and the ability to integrate new lessons into its programming all the time, such that even its "gentle" personality was prone to radical change over time.

It would be a companion to Kitt, a powerful fighter in its own right, a personal advisor and assistant, and most of all, it would be unique: A living, breathing persona shaped by its own experiences and memories.
Everything is fine.

EXCEPT! Your sig attacks. Yes, every single goddamn one of them. I'm going to say 'NO' on all of these period. If you want reasoning, your first sig alone has superpiercing, autohitting, the 'to all' effect, and unlimited action triggering. Which, to sum things up, makes it not only completely denied for anything below a level 4 for having 'to all', but it also makes it break the cap on the first use.

Also, you're only supposed to register with ONE sig. Not all of them at once. You can register the others later.

But you knew all of that, considering that you're an admin, right?

Agh, I decided on three new ones with Pally! Sorry, I must've missed the edit button. Besides which, I feel sure that I actually start with all four >>

But whatever makes you happy.
Yep we collaborated on 2 of his new sigs. I was kinda hazy on how Blind works, but we did come up with the other 2 as rock-solid.

Just one thing, Kazu:

Autobreak is an ability available only to Break Type Navis, and costs 10 cap to use in a sig instead of the normal 20 for normal Break. The flip side is, you can only have 2 autobreak sig attacks functioning during any given turn, as Autobreak uses one of Break Type's two add-break ability uses for that turn in order to function. If you activate a third sig that utilizes Autobreak, when two are already active, the third sig will not have Break at all, but will otherwise work as advertized.

Your sigs remain active until their charges are all expended. This means that the Autobreak feature will siphon one of your Add-Break slots until the turn in which the sig begins cooldown. This means your ability to Add-Break will be impaired by one use until the sig begins cooldown for EACH sig that is using Autobreak.

So if you have 2 sigs with Autobreak running, you can't use Add-Break at all until one or both begin their cooldown cycle.

I hope this helps.

PS: I fully realize this hasn't been made clear to the site yet. It's on my long, long list of things to do.
Are these attacks Auto-hit?
No... I guess not.
I will self-approve if I hear no further objections.
Last bump.


I'm thinking major hax on the Sig. Am I the only one?

At the very least, it needs a duration that isn't "any time."

I mean... jebus, why is no one else commenting?
Well, it is within his current cap. Now, these are simple, one action stuns correct? And the damage from the original attack is not negated? Meaning that the stun does not come into effect until the next round of combat? Also, it is basically the next five attacks, not five enemies, correct? Meaning if one person attacks you three times, it uses up three of the stuns? In reality, it sounds fine to me. But to clear things up, is this example correct?

Memoriam uses Feedback.
Metool Attacks.
Memoriam takes 10 damage
Metool is stunned.

That about correct? Also, the CD would start after the fifth stun?

If I am understanding this all correctly, then it seems fine by me.
Yes, you've got it all correct, Zan.
I don't see how it's not Auto-Hit if the opponent is stunned when he hits you.
True, there is the question of autohit...Perhaps a small chance of failure? I mean, SigAttks rarely miss, so maybe a 10% chance of the virus or whatever to shrug his way out of the stun. Just a suggestion.
Okay, if I edited it in as "Memoriam retaliates with an invisible wave of very fast-moving energy," then it would make it so that an opponent in constant motion might avoid it, right? Either way, it turns it into an attack being fired out there instead of some magical automatic effect.
That clears up my issues really. But it's up to you adminly types.
I'll just make the changes now, then.