Moar sigs for the Nikko.

Cap:140 active, 25 passive
Pool:100 points
all pool:40/140
Beastly claw:Nikko jumps at one enemy and with a large amount of force in her swing, whe attempts to crush the enemy under it and this force also cracks some surounding pannels that the enemy stands upon.
Effects:Deals 50 damage to one foe and does a small area terrain effect of cracked pannels around the enemy, also the pennel below it.
60 points used.

Beastly Heal:By tapping into her natural survival instincts, Nikko is able to restore 30HP to herself.
30 HP heal=40 cap
40 points used
1 TCD.

Also, i thought i had enough to get more NC expantions at the navishop, i only got two, mind telling me what happened there?


Your descriptions suck though. Lolol.