And by what I think I did, I mean I clicked on the wrong subforum, and never noticed that. Crap.

SplashMan's Sig Changes
Default Total: 60
Sig Upgrade Total: 0
Grand Total: 60

Sig Name: Water Splash
Attack Power: 60
Attack Element: Aqua
No. of Targets: 1
Extra Effects: None
Description: SplashMan fires water from his cannons at the enemy.
Points Used: 60
Total Remaining: 0

The more things change, the more they stay the same, but that might be overdoing it. Oh well, approval is needed. Not that I see anything objectionable, considering it's the same dang thing as last time.
Alrighty. Original sig approved.

Come back like 10 levels later with 20 upgrades, eh? >=3