Sig changes

Current pool, 500/500
Cap 140/25
1Blood guard(20 passive)

Daisy creates some kind of defensive armor, shield, plate, floating rock, whatever. It will then protect her, or if she wants it to protect one of her allies.

Creates a 1-hit shield each turn, can pick who gets the shield, and they can stack.

Current pool, 420/500
2 Blood pummel(120 point)

Daisy uses the blood she has control over and creates a single large or several small weapons and pummels her foe with it.
100 aqua+break, CD 3

Current pool, 300/500
Blood renewal(40 points)
Daisy's blood purifies itself to decrease the amount of time between certent attacks.
Sig chill, CD1

Current pool, 260/500
Bloody embrace(75 points)
Daisy uses her blood to incresses the power of her next attacks for a short period of time.
three intences of empower this round, CD2

Current pool, 185/500
4 Rejuvenation(100)
By absorbing the energy in the air, Daisy is able to convert that energy into blood to replace the amount that she had lost from her other attack. When the energy is converted, it ends up allowing her to use her more powerful attack more frequently, and the process itself ends up healing any wounds she may have had.
Sig chillX2 +regen

Grand BloodArmor(80)
Daisy forms her blood into a massive armor setup that nearly eliminates all damage to her. In addition, her natural recovery rate for HP is increased slightly.

For simplicty, Life Drain's damage/drain is 50.

All others approved.
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