Druidman's Signature Makeover

Let me state for the record that I hate math.

Also let me state that I'm putting this all here, but it won't take effect until I actually go visit Suitachi, which I plan to do at the end of my next battle.

Quote (Steve's Money)

Level: 9
PU's received: 9
Cost of currently owned PU's: 16000z
Cost of new PU's: 4500z
Refund: 11500z

Well, that is what it WOULD be, but I'm gonna give you a little spoiler; I'm buying Speed Upgrades with my refund, so I'm not gonna bother with this table. Taking my current Zenny into account, I can afford two, so let's change the table here...

Quote (Druidman's Mana)

Level: 13
Mana Pool: 580
Caps: 140/25

Okay, Let's go. Most of this is number tweaking, (Well, nerfing.) But Razor Tornado Force now does Microburst instead of Knockback. More wallop to the punch of a Tornado, eh?

Quote (Druidman's Signature Attacks)

Entangling Heat Force(100Mana): 30Wood/50Fire/3TC
Razor Tornado Force(100Mana): 30Wind/Microburst/30Wood/3TC
Encroaching Earth Force(100Mana): 60Break/Break/20Wood/3TC
Driving Storm Force(120Mana): 60Elec/40Wood/Splittable/3TC
Sanctified Recovery Force(120Mana): 60Wood/Drain/3TC

Total Mana Consumed: 540
Mana in Reserve: 40

I THINK all that's right. If not, by all means, let's get it all figured out before I start changing my signature and profile and stuff. Oh yeah, and if I happen to get a chip after my current battle, Druidman will be level 14, not 13, but I'm not gonna mess with upgrading his stuff until I save up enough for a decent Nourishing Flood Force.

So there.
... Would the microburst knock the opponent out of the 2nd hit of Tornado? XD

Otherwise, all approved.
Er, I think I have those damages reversed. It should be the Wood damage, then the Microburst damage.

For some reason, I always confuse them.
Clarified, approved.