Bunker Buster Howitzer


1: 120
2: 135

2-B: Bunker Buster Howitzer (45 Elec + Impact + Break + Piercing + Large Area Terrain Destruction, 3 TCD)
- Description: Fires a long-range armor-piercing howitzer shell at a target. The shell flies through the air on a ballistic trajectory, and passes through barriers, auras, armor, shields, objects, fields, and even terrain without stopping. Once the shell enters the ground, there is a short delay before the extremely powerful warhead explodes, leveling objects and cracking or breaking terrain in a large area. Anything caught underground is subject to a great deal of damage.


I'm also upgrading my other sigs...

1-A: Towering Guard (6 Hit Block, Max 3 TCD, NCP Boosted)
1-B: --NO CHANGE--
1-C: Missile Barrage (5 Elec x 20 Missiles + Homing Attack, 3 TCD)
2-A: Cluster Bomb (10 Elec x 10 Bombs + Stun, Optional: 15HP to add Break, 3 TCD)