Buff buff buff buff

1.0: Thunder God

"Thunder God". Raiden summons a spear made of electricity and throws it at the enemy.
-80 dmg (originally 60) + 1 turn of stun
-1 target
-2 TCD.


Lag Wall was horribly broken. I nerfed it by taking out the 'replay' effect that let me inflict an added 50% of one chip's damage, and cut down its area of effect.

1.5: Lag Wall

-severely reduces enemy dodge ability (negated if outside the lag area)
-severely reduces enemy attack accuracy (negated if Raiden is using short-range chip inside of lag area)
-lasts for 2 turns
-affects up to 3 (originally 5) enemies
-4 TCD.


2.0: Passbreak

-roll d8 (originally d10) to determine whether effect activates or not.
BAM! Approval!