Process Edit; Changing 1b Kaiser Blade

Previous Signature Attack can be seen in Divinity's profile.

Wings of the Seraph
Sig Cap:
Divinity taps into her divine programming to transcend to a different level for a short period of time. Instead of 2 wings on her, she gains another 2 wings on her back while also gaining a wing on each boot. Having 6 wings, she can increase her speed tremendously so she can move/fly without being seen. After execution, she loses her wings and continues like usual.
- AreaGrab effect (increased dodge, increased accuracy).
- Uses an action.
- 0TCD.
Teleport/Areagrab is currently priced at 50 points. Plan accordingly or go argue about it.
Because of the edits on Signature Attacks extra cap when an action is used, I've decided to change my Sig slightly. I hope it'll get approved THIS time.