Sanctified Recovery Force

Good gracious! A NEW sig for Druidman?

Level 2 Signature: Sanctified Recovery Force- DruidMan calls out "SANCTIFIED RECOVERY FORCE!!!" Roots burst from their holding in the ground, and wrap themselves around one enemy, dealing 65 Wood damage. The roots then take this energy absorbed and give it to Druidman, healing him for the amount taken. (It may not heal more than the damage dealt, but will heal double against weaknesses.) It takes Druidman 4 turns to be sure that he has filtered out any negative virus coding absorbed before he can use the attack again.
Possible 2x damage/heal... blah.

Look, crank it down to 60, 4 CD we'll go from there and see how it goes, k?

And jebus, what's a druid doing with a drain attack?