Old Force Sig Corrections/Powerups

Okay, some of my sigs, er... broke the cap. Nobody noticed, so I guess it's okay, but now I'm gonna correct them with my new upgrade and stuff. If my math's correct, then Level 1 sigs are capped at 110+10Free, and Level 2s are 135.

Entangling Heat Force: No change. Now balanced at 40Wood/60Fire/3TC.
Razor Tornado Force: Underpowered. Corrected and powered up to 55Wind(Knockback)/55Wood/3TC.
Encroaching Earth Force: Needs to be powered up to 60Break(Breaking)/40Wood/3TC.
Driving Storm Force: No change. Now balanced at 60Elec/50Wood/4TC, splitable.

So now, I think I'm not breaking any sig rules. Maybe.
Approved, etc