Furry defence

after the process upgrade decoded and instaled into Nikko's system, another survival program emerged from deep in Nikko's programing and when timmy saw it, he started work to make it into something Nikko could use for both attack and defence and afterwards, he was able to make Nikko's fur spike up and create a sort of armor all around her body, though strands of fur can break off when attacked, it will attack the enemy as though they were needles flying through the air, after a couple of turns Nikko's fur needs to go back to normal and the cool down will begin.

reduces damage by 20 for two turns and when attacked, deals 20 to the enemy that attacked her, has a two turn cool down.

if it's underpowered, tell me.

Let me put it this way:

No. It's overpowered. MAJORLY. Even if only ONE thing hit you for each of these two turns, that would be 160 (50+30 = 80, x2 = 160), meaning that this breaks the cap by DEFAULT.


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so wait.

for 2 turns, you take 20 less damage from ALL attacks.


deal 20 damage to attacker each time you're attacked?
yes. unless you want me to change it again, i'll be more than happy to.
Alright, I'll do a basic damage calc.

2 turns of 20 damage reduction + 20 damage back.

Each hit, you're getting the equivalent of 40 damage.

Your cap is 120.

Now, calculate the probablility of you only getting hit 3 times within 2 turns.
reduce damage by 10 and deal 20 for 1 turn? hows that?
So 1 turn:

Take 10 less damage from all attacks
Deal 20 damage to attacker on each attack?
Predict that you'll get hit on average of 4 times when you use this.

3 turn CD.

ahh....Ok, agreed.
Very well.

10 damage reduction and 20 damage return for 1 turn, 3 turn CD.

Approved. Post in Profile and Sig.