Taping the nets.

By instaling the new signature attack, timmy found another program hidden in Nikko's programing that alows her to tap into the power of each net. depending on the net, a diffent effect can take place, wheather it can deal damage, alow new powers, add onto an attack or randomly deals a bug into multiple enemies. each power is transfered into her claw or a chip attack.

ACDC:deals 70 damage to a single enemy.

Scilabs:when useing a gun chip, Nikko can spead a random bug onto three enemies with no damage from the chip in the attack.

Electown:adds thunder element into one non-elemental chip attack.

Colosseum:80 splitable damage to up to two targets.

Yoka:adds the aqua element onto one non-elemental chip attack.

Netopia:+20 damage to a single attack.

Sharo:can stun two enemies with an aqua chip.

Yumland:Adds fire to one non-elemental chip attack.

Netfrica:Adds wood element to one non-elemental chip attack.

Undernet:+30 attack to one attack.

Cooldown:3 turns

if i need to nurf it or something, just tell me.
Your life's gonna be easier if you make all of these exactly balanced with the cap of 120.
GAH! i can't come up with anything to balance it out and make it under 120 damage cap.......i'll create a new one soon.