Feline rage

feline rage:with the instalation of the other expansion Nikko's mind created another survival program, but this time it was uncontrolable, timmy was able to quickly quarintine it within Nikko's mind, and eventualy he was able to get it to the point where he was able to convert it into something Nikko could control at will, though it needs one turn after being used in an attack to cool down, or it might drive Nikko mad and she may become inoperable by anyone, it makes a single attack used by her much more powerful.

effect:allows Nikko to add 20 attack power into a single attack every other turn, needs no actions to activate, passive.
i knew i should have gotten a 2.0 for this. done.
Doesn't stack on multi-hits.
wasn't planning on it.
demon is alowing this, i am raiseing the attack increase to 30.
Tentatively approved.