9-lives:When Timmy installed the upgrades, a hidden aspect of nikko's survival programing surficed from deep within nikko's survival programing. Timmy was able to modify it and make it useful to Nikko as it now alows Nikko to recover herself when she is near deletion, but due to this once her body is back to it's usual state the program shuts down until Nikko is pushed to near deletion once more, but unfortunately it get's weaker each time until it shuts down completely.

effects:recover 20HP per turn when at 50HP or less, when pushed above, the sig attack shuts down until at 50HP or less again but heals 10 and then it finaly shuts down for the battle. passive

So you can technically recover to 50 HP a maximum of 4 times per battle, passive?
the deed is done. pass it is?
again, demon alows this, makeing it so that when i am under 50, it has a regen20 effect while i'm under 50HP and it does not shut off.
Tentatively approved.