Molten Spear

Name: Molten Spear
Level: 2b
Damage Cap: 125
Description: A process upgrade was used to increase the power of Voltman's spears. Being the idiot that he is, he decided to run electricity through it to see how it would hold up. The tip soon ignited, and when he swung the new weapon, flames shot out of the end. He had, inadvertently, created a deadly weapon.
Effect: 10 hits of 10, Fire
Assuming that the cooldown in 3, then go ahead.

But be aware, if you start pulling weird aqua spears or something, Druidman will hunt down Voltman and beat him senseless.
Nah. Just the fire spear.
Lolz, I shot elec thru the sper and it turnz to water!

And yeah, CD3.