Justice Aura

A few Moderators decided that my Justice Shield was imbalanced and because changing it, in my opinion, would break the purpose of my attack I decided to create a new one. Twi, you know of this. Let's see if this will pass.

Name: Justice Aura
Level: 1b
Sig Cap: 90
Description: Divinity is covered in a transparent white layer of light when this Signature Program is activated.
- Passive/Active Signature Program.
- Divinity is covered in an aura of 40 HP at the start of each battle.
- This aura heals to its max HP (40) at the start of each following turn.
- If this aura is broken in 1 turn, it returns after 2 turns. (( Would 1 turn be allowed in exchange of the 2 turns? ))
- If more damage than 40 damage is done in one turn, the remaining damage will hit Divinity.

It's a passive with a cooldown built into it. Yes or no? The max HP of the aura will be cranked in the future.
See, it'd be a normal 1 CD, but for the:

a. Self-healing.
b. No actions.

Which are both pretty hefty costs.

Toss in the overflow damage (remove the barrier aspect)...

Eh. Crank it down to 20 and you got a deal.
And if I keep it on 2 turns cooldown after the aura gets broken? Same deal?
And technically this would, with your suggestions, become a 20 HP aura with a 1 TCD. I could, in fact, keep away the passive ability clause and increase the HP. If I use it, while including a "uses no actions to activate" clause once each 2 turns, it'd be even better. Technically, using it over and over would indicate a 40 HP 'heal' as well. It'd heal immediately as well.
Alright, you've raised several valid points. Proceeding to put foot in mouth--mfslijglsijeht (Ignore last post, etc etc)

Anyways. This is setting precedent, so bear with me.

I'm using your Sig as the base for all "Aura" sigs (overflow, self-healing).

Given that they auto-heal each turn, I'm setting the damage formula 2 x aura HP (subject to change later).

Free action... I'll just say that's an "effect" and set it at 20 points.

Which leaves you... with a 30 HP Justice Aura. :'D

Along with the small effect that the Aura's HP improves at 1/2 the rate that a barrier's would.

30 HP sounds better than previous 20. It WILL have the possibility of growing, right? And with 1 turn cooldown after it gets broken? Cooldown will, of course, grow if the HP goes higher than 40 eventually.
After another night and another look at this, shifting it a bit.

Every 10 HP of the Aura is worth 15, not 20 points.

Thus, you get your 40 HP Aura at 2 turn CD.

((I'm still testing multipliers. Sorry, but you're the guinea pig. Isn't it fun being precedent? :D))
OK. And if this needs to be nerfed in the near future, post here or PM me. Just gimme the Approved word.
Approved. You know the drill.