Blackstrike.EXE and Damien Blackwater

Name: Damien Blackwater
Age: 16
Gender: M
Appearance: He is of medium height, and his build is skinny but wiry. He wears black baggy pants and a black hoodie with a red skull on the front. His eyes are bright blue and he has straight 9 inch hair that is black.
Personality: He is very competitive, he always takes on a battle, and is determined to be the best Netop ever.

PET Modifications: Black PET skin.

Name: Blackstrike.EXE
Gender: M
Element: Fire
Type: Sword

Appearance: Blackstrike wears black armor and has a large deep purple cape draped about his shoulders that encloses his whole frame. His helmet has two red slits for eyeslots and an upside down red cross on the forehead. He stands several heads over normal navis.

Personality: Blackstrike won't even twitch without his NetOp's command. They're so close of a team, he can practically read his master's mind. He was custom created by Damien's father and all he's known is net battling.

Custom Weapon: Blacksaber - a black sword (not a dark chip, it's just black. Why do you think he's called Blackstrike?)
Signature Attack: WiloWisp : Creates a flame in the opponent's middle pannel that wanders around the opponent's field. If it hits the opponent, it does 70 fire damage, but if after 3 turns it hasn't hit anything, the opponent's field to magma.

Everyone starts off with 0 zenny; 100 HP; a basic set of Battlechips consisting of a Cannon, a Shotgun, and Rageclaw; and a basic NaviCust pack consisting of an Undershirt, Attack+1, Charge+1, and a Rapid+1.

Post your registration in the "New Users" section of the Registration area. Once it is said as "Approved" or "Accepted" by either an Administrator or an Official, you post your Operator and Netnavi biography in the respective areas.

For convenience of the Moderators, you MUST individually link to each biography in your signature, with the following code.

Name Here

Let's say our Operator is Joe Averageman. We'd put this:

Joe Averageman

And it would show up like this: Joe Averageman

And, on top of these, you must place this in your forum signature, as well:

Zenny: (Starts at 0)
HP: (Starts at 100, rises by 20 for each HP Memory you buy.)
Level: (Starts at 0.)
Battlechips: (Start with Cannon, Rageclaw, and Shotgun chips.)
Crosses: (You start with NO crosses.)
Key items: (You start with ((Operator))'s PET.)
Navi Customizer contents: (You start with: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1, all equipped.)
Navicust points available: 0/40 (You start with 40 NaviCust points: the basic Navicust pack uses 30.)
Signature Attacks: (You start with ONE Signature Attack. Place the name and cooldown of it here. You'll do the same with future Signature Attacks. You may also place damages and effects, if you wish.)

So, all in all, our forum signature would look like this:

Operator: Joe Averageman
Netnavi: Average Joe

Zenny: 0
HP: 100
Level: 1
Battlechips: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun.
Crosses: None.
Key Items: Joe's PET
Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1.
Navicust points available: 10/40
Signature Attacks:
Average Sig (2)(70 dmg)
Wow... just wow.

People whose characters were total jokes compare favorably to the monstrosity that you just posted.

Here's what you have to do:

-Add descriptions to your Operator and Navi. The Appearance and Personality sections should be nice pieces of work. Think English class.
-Redescribe your signature attack so that it does not reference Panels. It can "create magma panels," but we don't use any kind of panel-movement system.
-Redescribe your weapon so that it doesn't sound like a Longsword or a Darkchip.

Then I'll look at it again.

Quote (Codemarshank)

he has straight 9 inch


If you don't got it, overcompensate with an RPC!
Ummm... He's no longer registered. That's a bad thing, right?
I don't know anything about that. I didn't can him.
Not I, said the fly.