Festival Fire

Sig Lvl: 1 [b]
Festival Fire:
As the heat of battle rages on, Alphonse's gauntlet and greaves starts to heat up from his fire based attacks and the friction of his attacks. Both of the armaments starts the turn charcoal black from it's metal luster, each altered separately. The gauntlet blurs the air with its heat and the gauntlet lets out a short spark from any type of contact. Each time Alphonse punches, his gauntlet would inflict heavier damage with it's new fiery property. The greave's exterior is also charcoal black, but doesn't alter the air from it's heat, but, petit smokes vent out from the sole of the greaves. The sole of the greave is super heated, making every step Alphonse take a burst of fire on his sole, creating a short, but efficient speed boost. When Alphonse's gauntlet and greaves starts to reach its limit, both armaments starts an automatic cool-down system to prevent over-heating and possibly from incinerating them

-Passive. The effect resets after it reaches the limit for 1 extra turn
-When Alphonse uses 4 Punch type attacks, he gains +5 fire-attack to all his buster/charge/offensive sigatk. [Limit: +20]
-When Alphonse uses 4 Kick type attacks, he gains a higher chance to evade for one turn.
Ikkaku-style ftw! ((Don't get it? Watch Bleach))

What do you mean by Punch and Kick attacks? Just different buster attacks?
Yea, I listed all the types in the "Signature Attacks" in my sig :3
You did not list your CAAAAAAAP! FAAAAAALCOOOOOON...

...PAAAAAAAAANCH! *Punches* *Isn't facing Goroke* *Hits air*

Anyway, approved.