Rai's sig lvl.1 change

So... yeah, kinda tired of my underpowered and lame sig, so imma changin mah lazer! I'm not sure if this would fly with all of you guys since it sounds kinda mary-sueish, but hey, i like the idea.

Old Sig:

Level 1:
Yurei Spirit charge: Kenji clasps his hands together and closes his eyes. Four hitodama materialize in front of him and float around. He then sends the floating spirits to attack, they seperate and charge towards an an enemy and explode on impact.

Summary:10dmgx4 plus stun

New sig:

Level 1:
After spending many nights tampering with Kenji's programming, he accidentally spilled cola on his laptop while trying to upgrade his signature attack. This severely damaged his systems. After a week long cram session studying every operating manual he could find, he finally found a way to fix Kenji's PET. After restoring his systems, he found that Kenji's AI program was split apart and shattered. He couldn't piece it back together as one, so instead he used his sigspansion pack to build three different identities; each persona possessing one body.

Summary: Kenji can change his type to either an electric/wind, a Break/fire, or a Wood/Cursor type.

(if this idea is accepted, then i'm gonna post the profiles of the 2 alter egos.)
Uh, I'm thinking no. Changing BOTH type AND element, and having a total of THREE choices, for a level ONE?

Way too overpowered. If you really wanted the ability to change your typing and stuff, with your current upgrades, you'd might be able to pull of a change of element or type, but not both. Example: Robotek's Splitman.

Having multiple personalities on this site is so cliche that I had to drop Druidman's backstory, even though Druidman doesn't have multiple personalities...

And, just a nitpick, but for a change this major, you'd want to put it in the regular sig reg area, and buy a Sig Edit.

Also, now that I look at it, even if you did have the upgrades for this, you'd still need to designate how long the change lasts, and the cooldown.
Ok, after discussing it a bit with my honkie friend zanzo, i can see why it would be hax. k, now heres an update.

Summary: Can change his element to either electric, wood, or fire. When he does change, he does not get any added bonus's to his chip attacks, only when on the panels.

I'm thinking this should be fair enough, if not, I got other methods of nerfing it. Also, as regards to the clicheness, i don't really care. I like it cliche, and i like it as a marry sue. The way i'm going to rp it will not be your normal emo bullcrap, but will fit pretty well with his mannerisms.
Okay, I still need some clarifications.

Kenji can change to either Wood or Fire, but he doesn't get the chip bonus, but he DOES get the panel bonuses. ((His weakness will change, correct? And will he always retain his bonus to Elec chips, or lose his chip bonus entirely while he's changed?))

Also, I still need a duration of the change, as well as a cooldown.

Even with these nerfs, for a level one sig with no upgrades, (70 damage equiv) being able to choose whatever element you want (sans Aqua) is still pretty powerful. I'd be a little more willing to accept it if Kenji took some token damage whenever he switched, or something of that nature.

And as for the cliche-ness, I was merely making an observation.
Well, i'm thinking he could only use it once per turn. also, he would take the weaknesses of the elements, as well as their strengths.
So, he would use the attack, become either Fire or Wood, then, at the begining of the next turn, the cool down starts and he changed back to Elec?
Eon Sez: No wai.
Man what? no, i'm saying he uses the sig, and turns into either fire or wood. Then he remains that element until he chooses to transform into another one. And as for the cooldown, im just saying he cant go, Attack, change, attack, change, attack. but change,wait until next round, change.
Sorry, man. It's out of my hands now. Eon's the one you have to convince.

And even if he wasn't, that's still ridiculously hax.
How so? cause i'm kinda in a slump, my last sig was waaaaaaaaaay too weak, and now apparently this is too strong. What can i do to make it more even?
Your current sig attack cap is at 70.

I'll give you an example. Robotek has his Navi Splitman. Splitman's sig attack with a 70 cap was he could swith his subtype from break to recovery, and it lasted until he used it again, like how you want. It BARELY was accepted, making it a 70 damage or so equivilent.

Now, changing element is a bigger deal than subtype, so I'd say that you could put it at a 80 damage equivilent per element. Since you want two different elements, that makes it a 160 damage equivilent attack, 90 over your cap.

I could allow you to change into one element, and dealing 10 damage to yourself whenever you changed, but that's about as best as you can do right now. I'm not saying you can't do it, you just can't do it YET, because you need more upgrades.
Ok... or i can just wait, and make my elemental change the level 2 sig, while make this one a subtype change. I do like that take 10 dmg idea though.
Yeah, you could do that, but you'd still have to pick one subtype to swap with.

Honestly, man, what'd I do is wait until you get both level 2's and your level three, and then dedicate each level 2 to a different personality. With all upgrades up to level 3, you should be able to get away with changing both element and subtype, how you first proposed it on level 2s. But that's just me.

EDIT: Actually, that'd be pretty cool. You could have each of your level ones desinged for each personality, and have it so that only that one personality can use that attack. With that nerf on yourself, you could get away with a little more stuff on your level 1 sigs. Like this:

Level1:Elec Attack
Level1:Wood Attack
Level1:Fire Attack
Level2:Wood Morph
Level2:Fire Morph
so, spend one of my level 2 sigs on changing to wood/cursor, then my second lvl2 sig on changing to fire/break. ...Actually, that ain't half bad, saves a crap load of cash. Damn, Now i gotta think a new lvl 1 sig...
You must have posted before my edit went through.
So... by your logic, that'd mean that i wouldnt change my type, but instead my alter egos would pop out and deliver a special attack?

EDIT: Oh wait, i see. The lvl 2s would be my type shift, and the lvl 1s would be what attacks only they could use.
No no, I mean, at the end of each sig, you put the nerf on there: "Can only be used while in Elec/Wind form." (Or Fire/Break, or Wood/Cursor) Effectively, you're limiting only 1 level 1 sig to each personality, but you could make the sigs a little more powerful that way.
BITCHIN!! I like the way you think. Wait, i thought i could only have a max of 2 lvl 1 sigs. Either way i'll think of a cool lvl 1 elec sig tomorrow, its pretty late here.
Nope, you can get three level 1's total. But yeah, sleep on this idea, it can have a lot of potential, but will take a lot of money to get off of the ground successfully. I'd say hold off until you get the rewards from the event, then buy as many upgrades as you can afford so you can play around with max damage.
Steve, I would like to personally thank you for helping him out with this one. I had tried to balance it out with him mano a mano, but had fairly little time to do so.