Passbreak Revision

Not even one post with Passbreak, and I'm not happy with it. XD

A d20 is one gigantic die. I'm almost never going to roll a Passbreak activation with it, rendering the attack largely useless. I'd like to scale this down to a d12 rather than a d20, giving me a 1-in-12 chance rather than a 1-in-20 chance. If required, I'll lower damage totals/effect totals/whatever to help balance this.
65 damage, free action.

Normally: 3 turn CD.

Various other effects... About 20 damage equivalents.

So 85 damage, free action.

4 turn CD.

Activates 1/5 of time.

Given potential for this to repeatedly activate... I say you could actually get away with a d8.
Howsabout I meet you halfway and go with a d10?

If there aren't any problems, this is approved.