Driving Storm Force

DRUIDMAN.EXE LEVEL TWO SIGNATURE ATTACK: Driving Storm Force: DruidMan shouts out " DRIVING STORM FORCE!!!" DruidMan uses his powers over nature to summon a giant storm, which brews and strikes and enemy with a lightning bolt for 60 Elec damage. He then pulls several large wooden pikes from the ground, which he drives into the enemy, dealing an additional 40 Wood damage. DruidMan can also fork the lighting and pikes to split the damage between two different enemies, if he so chooses. DruidMan then requires 3 turns to fully dissipate the storm in order to use the attack again.
Dude, you have two extra sigs now(being the 2nd lv1 and this one) so all your sigs are boosted twice(plus a free +10 to your lv1s from this one), so your lv1 cap is 90(plus a free +10), and 105. Otherwise, sig looks good. k?
Wait, what? I thought that the boost didn't apply to upgrade itself, just the others.
Neeope. FZ's got this one right. Except for the fact that this is a Level 2.

So add +30 to the cap. He's right. You're at 105 max, no free damage.
Edited for new cap.

And just to clarify, what are the caps on my two level 1s? 90+10 free?
Right on the money.
I bump thee in the face with my bump bar!