Razor Tornado Force

DRUIDMAN.EXE LEVEL ONE POINT FIVE ALPHA SIGNATURE ATTACK: Razor Tornado Force: DruidMan yells out "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" Then a mighty wind kicks up, blowing razor sharp leaves across the area, dealing 30 Wood damage to one enemy. The wind continues to blow, forming a tornado that picks the enemy up, then drops them back down for an additional 30 Wind damage. It takes 2 turns for the winds to die down so DruidMan can use the attack again.

((That Wind damage, in case anyone forgot, is fluff. It's actually 30Norm+KnockBack))

lol, kidding again. I'm such a kidder. ;P

I thought you could only approve edits. Oh well, considering that this was from the old board, I'll go ahead and edit it into my profile and stuff. Unless, of course, anyone else says anything.
It's fine.