Raiko and slayer.exe


[size=75]Name: Raiko Matesaya
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: His about 165cm tall, he always wear a torn, black cowboy hat on his head. He also wears an opera mask. Long black coat is he's main suit, and also a black 'slack' trousers. Everyone haven't look his face yet, some say hr face is ugly and some say his face is very beatiful, but the society never knew his true face. He lost his parents since he was 3. After the accident, an evil scientist became his foster parent. His silentness and his terryfying glare makes no one brave enought to stand near him.

[color=blue]NAVI PROFILE

Name: Slayer.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Sub-type: Sword


A tall humanoid NetNavi, approximately 7' 0" in the relative of Networld. Slayer wears a tight fitting Navi jumpsuit, showing most of his physical feature, which is muscular. His skin is slightly tanned and full of battle-scar, as the NetNavi had engaged in a lot of war. The scar on his face is the most noticeable as the scar ran from his forehead, accross his left eye and down to his left cheek. He never wears any eyepatch, though his left eye was blinded.

The NetNavi's body is covered mostly by in a sturdy armored tabard. The dark blue armor on his chest has a white marks and linings all above it, resembling an ancient text. The weight of the armor was very light, which gives Slayer a good defense without affecting his speed. On his arms and legs are the gauntlets and boots, which share the same colour scheme as the armor, with a white markings all over them. While his body is completely covered, his head remains bare, letting his long, black hair freely. As most of other NetNavis, his ear is replaced with a round objects, which bears his emblem, too.

Slayer bears dual swords, both of them attached to his waist. Broadsword, the bigger sword of the two glows with faint red light and is huge enough to destroy a NetRock with one swing. Rather than being used for slashing, the sword was used for destroying objects and obstacles, including another Navis' swords. The other sword, the Blade Arms, was the opposite of Broadsword, as the sword's blade was thinner and sharper. The blade glows with blue light everytime it is sheathed. This sword is occasionally used by Slayer though the slashing power of this sword is the greatest as Slayer prefer not to kill others, but only to bring them down.


Slayer was a service navi when he's first created. But after the 'war', he's reprogrammed again and becomes an extreme slasher. He mastered the sword-fighting in one week. Due to the reprogrammed after he was created, his kind personality turns into a mean cold blooded killer in a battle. He attacks anyone aggresively, determined to push his opponent to their limits, no one had ever escape death when fighting this guy. He's also someone that not easy to give up. In fact, his strengh kept increased when he's fighting against stronger opponent. His battle record is 100 win and 0 loses. A quiet person he is, rarely talks to the others, even his operator. The dark aura that sorrounds Slayer makes the people all over him afraid to be neared with this swordsman navi. Eventhough he's strong, he never underestimate his opponent, he looked forward and thinks that his opponent is somewhat stronger than him.

Custom Weapon: Broadsword (a large, giagantic sword)
Bladearms (a thin, long, sharp sword, come in pairs)

Signature Attack:

1.00 > Sword Breaker: Swings the giant broadsword to the ground, causing massive distruction and creates a shockwave. Anything that touches the shockwave will be stunned. Slayer also can swing the broadsword directly to one enemy that may break enemy's armor. This skill requires Slayer to used his strength at full cost, and because the sword's too heavy for Slayer to carry with plus the minimum requirement for Slayer to perform this skill, the broadsword might had some minor cracks, which is risky for Slayer to used this skill for a short period of time after ultilizing sword breaker.

50 physical damage + breaks armor
10 wave damage+stun (useable two times regardless it's cooldown, once per turn)
2 Turn Cooldown
Oh god! The Grammatical AND tag errors! They buuuuuuuuurn! *Spontaneously combusts*

Allow me to- *Douses himself with water* *Stops burning* -fix this up a bit for you.


[SIZE=7]Name: Raiko Matesaya[/size]
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's about 165cm tall, and he always wears a torn, black cowboy hat on his head. He also wears an opera mask on his face. He wears a long black coat that covers his upper torso, and he also wears a pair of black slacks. Nobody's seen his face, some say his face is ugly and some say his face is very beautiful, but nobody will  ever know his true face. He lost his parents at the age of 3. After the accident, an evil scientist became his foster parent. His silent tendencies and common cold, harsh glares make most people afraid to be around him.

[SIZE=14][COLOR=blue]Net Navi[/size][/color]

[SIZE=7]Name: Slayer.exe[/size]
Gender: Male
Element: Wind
Type: Sword
Appearance: A tall humanoid net navi, he wears a tight fitting navi jumpsuit. His body is mostly covered with sturdy armored tarbard. (What the heck is a 'Tarbard'?) The black armor on his chest has a white marks and lines all over it, resembling ancient signs. The armor on his body is very light, which gives slayer a good defense without effecting his speed. He has a pair of gauntlets on his arms that share the same colors and ancient signs as his armor. Like other NetNavis, slayer also has round objects that connect with his black hair.
Personality: He is a cold-blooded killer. Anything that stands against him will be deleted. Since he was created, Raiko has only used him for deleting other navis.
Signature move: Slayer will throw his opponent into the air. After that, he will jump in the air. Then, he quickly smashes his opponent at the ground. Lastly he will stab his opponent.

Hit: 50 Special effect: Stun

Now that that's done...

    [li]1: You need a cooldown on your Signature Attack. If you don't what this is, Read the rules again. (Or for the first time)
    [li]2: What the frick is a 'Tarbard'?!
    [li]3: I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that 14 is your actual age, and that English is not your first language. Am I correct?
    [li]4: There is no four.
    [li]5: ???
  • 6: PROFIT!

Oh, if only obtuse old Twi would go out of his way to a dictionary once in a while.

1. a loose outer garment, sleeveless or with short sleeves, esp. one worn by a knight over his armor and usually emblazoned with his arms.

One last thing that was missed: "Wind", unfortunately, isn't an Element; it's a Subtype. You'll have to pick between Wind or Sword to be your Subtype, and choose an Element. Otherwise, just get the cooldown for your Signature Attack, think up a Custom Weapon (that should be listed in the registration as well as your Signature Attack), and then you should be okay to go.
Yeah, I knew what a Tabard is. I just didn't think they were ARMORED, so I thought he was speaking of something else.

Also, I completely missed the element/type thing. *Facepalm*


Guys, I already fixed my navi appearance
Everything looks dandy enough--except for your Signature Attack. The cap is 70 damage, and adding an effect costs 20 points of that damage maximum.

Your first effect--the 50 damage plus the Break effect--is fine. However, you're going to have to choose between either it or the second. (If you chose the second to be the attack's only effect, you could increase that to 50 wave damage + stun. If you chose the second effect, you'd also have to designate how many enemies would be stunned. The typical stun only affects one enemy.) So please pick one of the effects to work as your Signature Attack.

Other than that, everything's fine. Please just bear in mind that your Custom Weapon's standard attack deals Attack x Rapid x 2 damage, and doesn't really have the ability to break other swords.