1.0 Thunder God and 1.5 Lag Wall

Two things.

1) Thunder God: it's currently 40 damage, 1 turn of stun, 3 TCD. That was before the Sigs got bumped up to a cap of 70. I'd like to to switch that all up to 50 damage, 1 turn of stun, 2 TCD, so it respects both the (now rather old) improved cap rule and the new cooldown legislation.

2) Lag Wall gives me improved dodge, improved accuracy, plus the 'replay' effect where I get to have a chip hit twice, the second hit dealing half damage. I'll keep the current cooldown of 4 turns, but I'd like to extend the area of effect from 5 viruses to a maximum of 7.


And ONE SIG PER THREAD, despite my apparent ninja capabilities. >>;;