1b. Cloak and Dagger

let's see...2 process upgrades...the damage cap'll be 100, I think

Description: Pianissimo moves to and fades into the nearest shadows he can find. If there are no shadows nearby, he gets...creative. After completely vanishing into them, he reappears behind one enemy and stabs them in the back...literally.

Mechanics: 1 action to hide in shadows. Works like a dodge. For the following action, Pianissimo reappears behind one enemy and stabs them for 70 unavoidable damage. (The attack can be interrupted, but not dodged, since the target SHOULDN'T know what's coming. Unless they're hax.)
I think 5-turn cooldown sounds about right.
not like it makes much difference, but the cap is 100 thanks to the boost your initial lv2 gives to your lv1.
Erm...no. I have a second level 1 and my first level 2. So...should be a cap of 90 still.
Exactly. Your first lv2 gives lv1 a +10, in addition to the +10 for being an extra process upgrade. So 70+10+10+10=100
Okay, I had Demon clarify, and apparently that's right. Edited.

2 actions. One to "shadowmeld" and next to stab.
Moves next to opponent, hits from behind.
80 damage
5 turn CD

That about right?

Alright, my look at it.

Unavoidable always throws me off. Your attack sounds like Mole (warps behind and whack with shovel).

So it's not an accuracy boost, or at least that's not what it sounds like. It's a relocation (AreaGrab) behind opponent for a nearly impossible to anticipate backstab. Right?
Do we even have a Mole chip?

Anyway...that sounds about right.
Down it to 70 damage and we got a deal.
Actually, that's what it originally was before FZ threw me off. Edited back.
Approved. Post in relevant areas.