2a. Shadow Slay

2 process upgrades, lvl2 starts at 75 and gains 15 per I think...105 damage cap. Seems weak, but hey.

Description: Pianissimo swings his katana through the ground of the net, drawing up toxic or corrupted data, then points the katana at a group of opponent to send the data at them. The enemies are encompassed by the data in the form of what appears to be a toxic cloud, which does immediate damage and continues to "burn" afterwards.

Mechanics: 80 damage splittable among any number of enemies (rarely more than four, though), followed by a poison effect (5 damage to each affected for the next two turns).

5-turn cooldown
... Shall we, say, make it a 2-turn burn for 5 turn CD? Eh?
I see no reason why not. *edited*
Approved. Post in relevant areas.