1.5: Lag Wall

Raiden calls upon as much power as he can hold from the network, and shuttles it out of the network's access range. The lack of power results in a large area of the network go suffer from severe lag. Raiden remains unaffected, as long as he stays out of the afflicted area. The virii in the lag area suffer a large reduction in dodging ability. At the same time, the lag slows down incoming attacks and makes them easier to plot the course of, making them easer for Raiden to dodge, and making virii less likely to hit with their attacks. A bonus effect is to "double up" chip damage. Anti can pull off an interesting programming trick that makes one chip per SigAtk hit the target(s) twice, effectively inflicted twice as much damage, as long as the target(s) are inside the lag area. The network corrects the lag block and the SigAtk ends after two turns.

-severely reduces virii dodge ability (negated if outside the lag area)
-severely reduces virii attack accuracy (negated if Raiden is using short-range chip inside of lag area)
-can "replay" 1 chip (make chip hit twice and inflict 50% of the chip's damage on the second hit)
-lasts for 2 turns
-4 TCD
I looked back over this, went "whoa", and bumped up the cooldown to 4 turns.
... Doesn't raise Raiden's dodge ability. Merely lowers accuracy of those in the lag field. XD
That's pretty much what it means. It's just a less roundabout way of saying that the viruses hit worse. However, I'll fix that to clarify it.
... Here's hoping that you don't get a chip over 80 damage any time soon...

Tentative approved.

I've recently realized that I have the capability to, using Lag Wall, seriously mess up every single virus in the army that I've just run into.

What do you guys say to a maximum of 5 viruses affected by Lag Wall?
Self-nerf? Don't see that often. Kudos.

And approved. ;p
*Smack* What did I tell you about locking things, Teddy?!

Also: Win.