Sarah and Tiamat.EXE

Name: Sarah Tustin
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Her build is average for her age, although she does carry a bit of fat on her body. She's attempted to dye her shoulder-length hair blue, but due to its naturally black color it only shows in bright light. Her eyes are brown, and she carries a bit of an Asian look to her. Her clothing tends to be rather simple, her favorite outfit being a long sleeved gray shirt over which she wears an orange vest with a black interior, as well as a pair of blue jeans. She may alter it according to temperature, and has a fondness for shirts carrying phrases that amuse her. She wears a pair of brown hiking boots, well worn and probably never actually used for hiking.

Personality: Sarah is generally a rather open person, if not a bit shy. From her dad she got the ability to be logical; from her mom, the ability to be very emotional. This has created a rather interesting personality. She is a dreamer, but always keeps one foot in reality. She can be sociable if she wants to, but seems more content with keeping to herself. She tends to panic easily, although if the situation is dire enough, she can force herself to be serious enough.

She is a computer geek at heart, and is very good with technology. Some might even call her gifted, as her capability to create unique and interesting devices is rather advanced. On the other hand, she lacks the needed drive to create something truly remarkable, so she can't be considered a prodigy and most of her projects go unfinished.

PET Modifications: Her PET has a dark green body with basic black trim. It is of the newer models[as seen in Beast], so it can project a small hologram of Basilisk, about 6 inches tall. Sarah's added in two functions herself; it can store a gigabyte of files separate from the Navi, and along with a pair of highly modified glasses, the PET can be linked to Basilisk's visor to allow Sarah to see what Basilisk is looking at. It malfunctions sometimes, though.

Name: Basilisk.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Wind
Appearance: Basilisk's name is a nod to the Basilisk lizard, also known as the 'Jesus Lizard' for it's capability to run on water.

Her build is of a younger teenager, with few feminine curves to it. She wears a sea green bodysuit, the navi emblem located on the chest. It's appearance is that of a blue wave on a gray backdrop, with a dragon's head on the crest of the wave. She has dark green gloves with slightly clawed fingers, and the ends jut over the elbow in a triangular point. Her boots are the same color, coming up to her knees and carrying the same point over them. She has two pieces of shoulder armor, each shaped vaguely like a dragon head.

She wears a helmet which is also dark green. It's a rather simple rounded, with a tinted blue visor that acts as an HUD. She has purple hair that comes out from under the back of the helmet, and her eyes are purple, even if the visor conceals that fact.

Coming out of Basilisk's back are two 'wings'. They are dark green, and look something like the teeth of a gear. They don't seem particularly airworthy, but can be used to collect background energy, used to power her charge shots and signature attacks. They can also use the energy for short periods of wind manipulation. During these times, they glow a distinct blue-green.

Personality: Basilisk is rather laid back compared to Sarah's more frantic demeanor. She's friendly with pretty much anyone, and makes friends easily. She also can get rather annoyed easily, and at times its her operator who helps her keep a cool head. She's fiercely loyal to her friends, and hates to leave a job unfinished. She's very creative in her battle style, often requiring very little command from Sarah, although Sarah's input can often help create a very interesting battle plan.

Custom Weapon: Twin Dragon Buster arms. The buster has the appearance of a dragon's head which is usually worked into the design of most battle chips. She can summon the buster on either arm, but she can't fire from both busters at the same time. The shot color is blue, and the charged shot looks a bit like a comet.

Signature Attack: Wavedash [70 damage or 35 damage to two targets, 2 turn cooldown]
Using the energy charged in her wings, Basilisk. dashes towards the enemy. Once she reaches the enemy, she releases the remaining energy from her wings as a wave, dealing 70 damage. She can also attack two targets by splitting the energy, and thus the damage, dealing 35 damage to each opponent. It has a two turn cooldown period while she recollects energy.
EVERYTHING in your profile is okay except for one thing:

We already have a navi named 'Tiamat'. Yeah.

If you reeeeeally need/want the name, talk it over with English Ninja: it's an NPC she designed that has the name. Otherwise, you'll have to change it.

Eh... who needs to be named after a goddess anyhow?

Changed. The name is now Basilisk.
[wipes forehead]

Phew. Close call. XD Thanks for the change; the NPC wouldn't have been the same without the name.


You get: Nooblet Battlechip Pack! Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, Rageclaw x1.
You get: Nooblet NaviCust Pack! Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1.

Post your Navi and Operator profiles in the right sections, add the required stuff to your forum signature, and you're ready to go!