My god that was fast

Yes, I already spotted a mistake in my registration. I would like to change my Sig attack from:

Signature Attack: TeppouSlash: Tepken dissapears at a great speed, and slashes the enemy so fast that they don't know what hit them. 60 dmg, 3 turn cooldown.


Signature Attack: TeppouBug: When Tepken was made, the creators did spot this bug at first. They did not, however, remove it because they thought it was harmless. Now, when ever Tepken channels the bug's energy, he goes through a dramatic reforomatting. His face becomes pale, his armor becomes black, his jumpsuit becomes white, and his sword is now made out of black, glitchy energy that cannot contain itself, so it is constantly shifting. Tepken also speaks in a double-voice. The effect is that all of Tepken's attacks now get +5 damage for 2 turns. 4 turn cool down.

Is it stackable? Like, would a vulcan do (30+10) x 3 and a Wideshot doing 90 to each?
No, it wouldn't stack. That would be WAY to cheap-arse.
I'm thinking. Right now, if you used all your actions, it'd do 50. However, with full Speed, it could do 110, which is over the cap. I'd like a second opinion on this.
What if I cranked up the cooldown?
Cranking up the cooldown doesn't change the fact it's over the cap.

Seems like this would be a level 1.5 or 2 to me. Too hax for level 1.
Okay, its +5 dmg now...
I guess that works. Approved.