Net op change

Ya, I'm kind of getting bored with my current netop, so I would like to try to change it and keep my stuff. I have a feeling that my reason why he gets the stuff is a bit iffy, but I can change it.

Anthony Winnicot

A tall 17 year old boy whom dresses in a waistcoat and pinstripes. His hair is near pure white with the tips dyed in red. He also wears an old beaten up red fedora and glasses. He carries around an old worn out silver pocket watch with a worn engraving of an angel on it. It stopped running about a year ago, but he keeps it as a memento of his father.

For someone who is 17, he seems to have a great deal of knowledge. He is talkative, open minded and is welling to join any argument. It fact makes him not popular at school, that and he seems to be passing all of his classes when he barely goes to them. He tends to hang around this one coffee shop, where he seems to acquire most of his information without even moving from the same seat. When asked how he got all of his knowledge, he just response "It is the Winnicot way." He is also an insomniac.

Mr. Mihailov needed a break from doing last minenit work on his shop, so he went out for a walk. Upon his walk, he saw a coffee shop that seemed to still be open. Curious, he went in, and saw only two people. One was an employee, probably the owner of the place, the other... was Anthony. Anthony called Mihailov over by his last name, which shocked him. He went over, and started a conversation with the kid. It ended with Mihailov giving away Edgar and his chips in exchange for information on what happened to his previous navi, and for not having to deal with the responsibilities of having Edgar as his navi.
Approved. 'Kay.