Dare Dresses to Impress

Using Dare's unused level 5 .GMO for the following:

-Cat-Hairband Waitress.GMO (for Dare)-
From the link he received from Teruko, Bruce dug up a GMO for Dare that he only loosely coordinated with Ante's. The outfit completely replaces Dare's usual, with the exception of her trademark shades and the tailpipes on her shoes. A black hairband with slightly rounded orange-and-black tiger print ears is worn on the head. The band is mostly hidden, while the soft, synthetic-fur ears stand out. Her chest is covered by an ordinary, sleeveless white tank top, showing a bit of cleavage. The shirt is long enough to cover the belly, but not long enough to tuck into the bottom. The bottom consists of a pair of short-legged tiger-striped pattern shorts worn at the hips, including a synthetic fur tail of the same pattern attached just above the tailbone. Overall, the outfit is wrinkle-free without being overly tight. A black leather collar with a silver tag bearing her cursive engraved name circles the neck, and a black front-facing pouch on a Velcro-adhered belt of the same color wraps her waist. White lace-up boots with retractable roller skates cover sporty white socks on her feet.
Looks fine. Approved.