Classy Dresses!

Using Exxy's level 15 GMO, Bhikkuni's level 10 GMO, and Mary's level 10 GMO...

PartyDress.GMO (Exorcist)

Exorcist's robe and hat are swapped out for a new ensemble, appropriate for social gatherings, parties, or simply "going out." A yellow dress, similar to the color of her classic outfit, begins in a triangle at the neck, held around by a V-shaped strap neckline. The dress is narrow at the waist and flares a the hips, ending at a reasonable length down the thighs, just above the knees. A black belt is drawn at the waist, but the dress will hold its shape even without the belt. The shoulders are bare, but a black, cropped jacket covers them, cutting off at the wrists. The jacket is designed to be worn open and does not have buttons or a zipper. She wears black, high-heeled sandles with straps criss-crossing partway up the shins. Her wrists are covered with matching, criss-crossed black bracelets, but they won't be seen unless the jacket is off. A bit of jewelry finishes tying it together, including a close-fitted necklace of green marbles and matching orb-shaped earrings. Her hair feathered hair is styled a bit more neatly and held into a long ponytail by a simple black ribbon, going back to the old-fashioned look.

PartyDress (Bhikkhuni)

Swapping out her robe, chest protector, and sedge shade, Bhikkhuni achieves not an adult look, but a party appropriate one, at least. She wears a black chiffon dress with green grass blades patterned onto its surface. Her shoulders are left bare, while the collarbone is mostly covered due to the square-shaped silhouette of the dress near the neck. The dress is secured around the waist by a thick belt of gold chains. It extends down to her knees, maintaining a lot of swish as it stays loose from the hips. Her hair keeps its ringed style, with gold rings added to accessorize. Her feet are covered by close-toed black high heels (unfortunately, she's still not very tall, regardless of that addition). A gold choker and bracelets add a bit more color to the outfit, though one might wonder if it isn't too rich for a Buddhist professing to be rid of materialism.

PartyDress (Mary)

Mary's party dress is more modest than she'd like to go, but such is the price of being classy. She wears a white, pencil dress with a matching, silky chiffon capelet about the shoulders. The dress is ivory, only slightly towards silver, with no belt (to fight, she'd need to switch back to her standard wardrobe, to have accesess to her bottles). Her shoes are white and high-heeled; on her arms, from the elbows down, are white, silk gloves, made of close-fitting, thin material. Her hair stays down, with its usual perpetually moist look. For accessories, she wears silver, cross-shaped ear-rings and a matching necklace, though generally only the thin, silver cord is visible, with the cross hidden beneath the front of the capelet. Besides her hair, the only flash of color is the red of her lipstick, completing a mature look.
Let's party! Approved.