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Name: Magna.SP
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Shield
Appearance: Despite the down-conversion from Navi status to SP, Magna himself hasn't gotten any smaller. He's still a metal golem, he's still 10 feet tall, and yes, he's still largely purple. All that aside, probably the most notable thing about Magna is his lack of legs. His lower body is a single purple pillar, almost cylindrical if the lower end of his base wasn't larger than the top. Contained within this single base is a heavy metal piston, which Magna employs for all sorts of things, such as jumping and violent crushing.

Magna's upper body is all fixed upon his lower torso coming out of the base, which is a simple cylinder shape with a pale yellow color. His upper torso returns to the majority purple color and is a wide elliptical shape, except for two sockets that his circular shoulders rest in. His upper arms are the same pale yellow as his lower torso, and anyone looking at Magna would think that those simple cylinders shouldn't be able to support his abnormally large forearms. His forearms, also purple, are somewhat egg-shaped in that they get larger as you get closer to his fingers. Magna doesn't have literal "hands", exactly, as his fingers just extend out of the end of his forearms, and the only thing that even tries to mark where the palm is a shutter on each that house Magna's ranged weapons systems. Magna's fingers are a hazard orange color, and their joints are put together by bunches of hinges and screws.

More than anything else, Magna's head is remarkably... unremarkable. There's really no noticeable transition from a neck to a head, especially since whatever joint might be there is obscured by a round, metal, collar-like ring. As a Navi, Magna had an emblem on his collar, but it disappeared when he was converted into an SP. Magna's head juts out of that ring, never expanding in the size dictated by the ring, and rounds out into a perfect semi-sphere for his scalp. Magna lacks an animated face, as the only thing on his head are three holes: two round ones drilled into the head for eyes, and one rectangular hole that serves as a mouth. You can't tell what exactly is through those holes, as a glowing orange light in his head ruins any chance to see what exactly makes this golem tick.

Personality: By Mill's original design, Magna lacked a distinctive personality to speak of. As is the case, or maybe horror story, with AIs, though, Magna developed his own morals and tendencies as he experienced things in his life. Thankfully, the more self-aware Magna of today has no plans to be the overlord of organic life. In fact, Magna is by and large a very morally upright Navi. He is well aware of his massive size, and is not afraid to throw that mass in the way of danger to protect those smaller than him. That is no more illustrated than his current situation, as Magna sacrificed his life as a Navi to save Anyis. It's unclear as to how or why Magna developed such a strong sense of justice, but it exists, and he has come to learn how to defy the orders that would once be followed without a hitch should it oppose Magna's justice.

Despite having found a unique personality of his own, Magna still retains some of the computer-like mannerisms he once had. His voice is still very much robotic sounding, and while it's not truly monotone, it sounds like Magna is constantly speaking through a digital filter. He also tends to assign titles in place of people's names. Mill is "Operator", other Operators and Navis are "Unit ____", and so on. There's this weird habit, too, of announcing when he's running a search or a scan that most Navis wouldn't consider more noticeable than breathing. Mill resigned himself as a poor programmer some time after he made Magna, probably convinced so by his Navi's odd quirks, but for better or worse, this swan song is still around.

Custom Weapon: Shutter Palms — Shutters on each of Magna's palms open up to reveal buster cannons. The right hand shutter serves as a regulation buster, while the left works as a heavy cannon reserved for charge shots and special attacks. Despite having ranged weapons, though, Magna is just as likely to smash a face in with his fist or crush something into about 20 pieces with his piston.

Signature Attack: Golem's Buckler (1 Hit Shield, Passive; 20/80 points)
Magna always had a proficiency with shields, and it just wouldn't feel right if he couldn't make one at will. Unlike his old earthen shield, Magna's new shield is of the same purple alloy that comprises him. Size-wise, it's a heavy tower shield... to most. Magna happens to fall just outside of that category, and wields it effectively with one hand.
All sounds fine, approved.

Magna's current level: 0
Magna's current action count: 1

Speed+V1 (+1 action, +5 levels, 100 Bugfrags)

Magna's new level: 5
Magna's new action count: 2

Total Bugfrags: 115
Spending: 100
Resulting Bugfrags: 15

Sounds good to me, approved.

He's growing up so fast. Soon he'll be all grown up and we'll all remember back fondly to when he was little and precious. : D
Cashing in the level 0 GMO, and MAGNA GETS A NEW ASS.

Buoy.GMO (Level 0 GMO)
Upon realizing that Magna can't float, and that Anyis had a habit of liquefying battlefields at a moment's notice, Mill decided to address his SP's buoyancy problem. The fix was simple and, admittedly, lazy, as Mill designed Magna's first new GMO as that of a buoy. The changes Magna undergoes are actually few and far between, as his shape is already a bit buoy-like to begin with. His entire upper body and arms remain as-is, with the only transformation being a replacement of his piston base with a more seaworthy one. In this form, Magna is supported only by a narrow purple pillar and 4 legs that extend down to the buoy base for stabilization. The flotation device embedded in Magna's base is, of course, purple, and a small hole at the very bottom of the buoy allows Magna to fire water jets, giving him as much jumping ability at sea as his piston base allows on solid ground. The buoy base is very well balanced, so Magna isn't in danger of capsizing, but he is prone to bobbing helplessly in the water should the waves get a bit too choppy.
Very amusing. Approved.
Magna's current level: 5

Hit Point+: V1: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 10 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V2: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 20 Bugfrags]

Second Chance: Ability to survive a killing hit at 1 HP. [+3 Level to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]

Magna's new level: 10

Total Bugfrags: 156
Spending: 130
Resulting Bugfrags: 26


+1 level to Anyis as well, if you overlooked that somehow.
Regging my level 5 GMO, and MAGNA GETS ANOTHER NEW ASS.

Quote ()

Plow.GMO (Level 5 GMO)
After sinking several feet into a snow drift, it became clear that Magna needed a new GMO to address another one of the terrain deficiencies caused by his size and weight. Ironically, Mill ended up solving the problem by making it worse: in Plow.GMO, Magna actually becomes bigger than he already is normally. True to the name, Magna's entire base is replaced by a snow plow truck as purple as the rest of him is. The heavily-plated body of the plow is all the purple alloy Magna is made of, but the wheels of the truck and the plow itself are metallic silver, and the treads around the wheels are black. Where the cockpit would normally be on the top middle of the truck's body is where Magna's upper body resides, which remains completely unchanged from his normal form. There really isn't much of a height difference from before, but the sheer length and width of the change greatly increases Magna's overall size in this form, and this expanded surface area distributing his weight is what ends up giving him a more stable position on softer terrains like snow and sand. Because the truck body is so wide, Magna's arms can't remain his main source of offense, so the golem opts to ram and run over his enemies with the plow to manage his impact-heavy attack style. Magna's native jumping ability is not available in a GMO as large as this, but the tread-mounted body grants him a decent speed boost that puts him more on part with some of the faster SPs out there. Despite this speed boost, though, Magna is almost completely unable to dodge attacks with this large body, so he has to rely on his defenses even more than normal.
Magna's current level: 10

Chip Preset: Allows an SP to use a designated chip directly from the Operator. The preset chip can only be changed when jacked out. [+3 Level to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]

Magna's new level: 13

Total Bugfrags: 122
Spending: 100
Resulting Bugfrags: 22

I'm.... okay with this.

Magna's current level: 13

Hit Point+: V3: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 30 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V4: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 40 Bugfrags]

Magna's new level: 15
Anyis's new level: 18

Total Bugfrags: 85
Spending: 70
Resulting Bugfrags: 15

Yes, it is approved!

Quote ()

Drill.GMO (Level 10 GMO)
Rather than being a product of immediate necessity like most of Magna's GMOs, Mill made this one as more a secondary option to the metal golem's colossal Plow form. While the aforementioned GMO's size gives Magna even more of a raw strength advantage than normal, it leaves his mobility largely lacking. As such, the alternative Drill.GMO takes a different approach on tackling the snow: when going over fails, go under. Magna's natural shape already lends itself well to the heavy industrial design, so it wasn't a very jarring transition to just swap out his base for an equivalently-scaled drill. Obviously, putting all of Magna's massive weight on the single point of a drill doesn't do his balance a whole lot of good, so much so that he doesn't really even have a means of forward motion across the surface. He can't even stand up straight without digging down a little to anchor himself. However, for all his lack of motion above ground, it is all made up underneath, as the power of Magna's drill can send him tearing through snow, dirt, sand and whatever else of similar make faster than most things can run. It's a bit of a mystery how Magna can re-emerge from the ground upright when his drill is always pointed away from him, but Mill hasn't looked too deep into it. It's just Magna being more adaptive than Magna was supposed to be.
It's fine, approved.
Magna's current level: 15

Speed+: V2: +1 Max action for SP. [+5 Levels to SP] [Cost: 200 Bugfrags]

Magna's new level: 20
Anyis's new level: 21

Total Bugfrags: 204
Spending: 200
Resulting Bugfrags: 4

Magna's current level: 20

Hit Point+: V5: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 50 Bugfrags]
Hit Point+: V6: +10 to Max HP for SP. [+1 Level to SP] [Cost: 60 Bugfrags]

Magna's new level: 22

Total Bugfrags: 369
Spending: 110
Resulting Bugfrags: 259