Superstar Makeover!

I was watching some movies over the weekend and had a couple of ideas about how to make Dare and Bruce cooler. I don't think there's anything in these that should stop them from being approved by our rules, so if someone could just go ahead and approve them... I've made the (VERY SMALL) changes in red.

Name: Dare.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Type: Speed

Dare stands at a height of almost exactly six feet, with dark skin and an athletic build. Her measurements are glamorous, and her carnelian red Navi suit does little to hide them. Her black hair is frizzy and fans out from behind, ending above her shoulders. No bangs obscure her forehead. She normally wears large red shades a bit brighter in color than her Navi suit, but has sharp, dark eyes behind them. She has full lips that are normally curved into a smile and painted dark red with lipstick. Her eyebrows are sharp, dark, and thin, and since her eyes are normally hidden these are usually what displays her expressions.

Above her Navi suit, Dare wears a black, long sleeved biker jacket, the neck open low enough to display cleavage. A flame-patterned star design covers most of the back. She has sleek black fingerless gloves and tall boots, both over the suit. The boots have what look like flashy chrome exhaust pipes angled up and out from the sides near the back. Her symbol is displayed on the round buckle of her black belt and on her chrome earguards: a diagonal strip along a black background, split into jagged colors of red, orange, and yellow.

Dare wears a black leather ensemble of tight-fitting jeans and a rather skimpy top, almost like a brassiere. Clawed leather gloves cover each hand, and she wears heeled leather boots which fit to the jeans. She also wears a dark leather mask, which covers the entire upper half of her head. Two holes are cut away for the eyes.

When entering battle, Dare typically throws aside her shades, which vanish in a burst of flames. Similar flames form a jet black motorcycle helmet around her head, the flames themselves seeming to linger a moment before the face until they crystallize into a dark red face shield. Her pipes on her boots leave trails of flame where she walks.

Dare has a bright and naturally outgoing personality. Like her operator, her outlook is fearless and she tends to look before she leaps. She goes to great efforts to remain constantly positive, and sometimes interprets situations of conflict as friendly competition. She seems to be thickheaded to most concepts other than competition, but this is usually just because she doesn't find them as interesting. She likes to tease others, but her single-minded pursuit actually makes her easy to manipulate. Her behavior in winning actually tends to be sportsmanlier than that of her operator. She takes her losses harder and tries to analyze and learn from them.

Custom Weapon:
Dare can form a large chrome-metal buster gun around her right arm, which she then uses to fire embers of flame at opponents. Charging the buster causes it to fire a large ball of flame instead, which releases from her gun with an engine roar and pop.

Dare fights with a whip and her clawed leather gloves.

Signature Attacks:
Trail Blazer: Dare dashes forward, propelled by fire, and attempts to burn the enemy. She likes to add flourishes like spins, punches, or kicks to this maneuver, and particularly enjoys using it to deal the finishing blow on an opponent. Besides its combat uses, it works semi-effectively when she simply needs to move faster. [Movement x 2, 20 FIRE Melee damage] [(20 x 2) + (20)]


Operator: Bruce Shiner
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bruce is a tall man with an athletic build obtained through training. His muscle is lean and his shoulders are thin. His tapering jawline suggests how thin he'd be without his work to bulk himself up. He has sandy blonde, almost brown hair that always seems frazzled on his head, although he often wears a simple cap to cover it up. His eyes, an almost colorless green, are set in a naturally sad way that doesn't seem to match his natural grin. His slightly large nose and almost constant stubble offsets what many would find to be an otherwise quite attractive face. He sometimes wears large, dark shades, but mostly only if the sun calls for it. His typical dress is a brown bomber jacket lined with dark fur, underneath which is a plain t-shirt. He wears jeans he considers stylishly faded and mussed... in a Hollywood or model way, he claims, though some might see it as teenagerish. He frequently has multiple bandages on his body, although the only visible ones tend to be on his face. A bandage across the bridge of his nose is not uncommon. At night, due to his contract with Mephisto, Bruce's head turns into a flaming skull.

Personality: Bruce lives a generally laid-back life. He is fearless and naïve. He tends to prioritize his own interests, usually due to a lack of consideration born from his concentration in his own world. He has a good sense of humor, but often fails to read the atmosphere. Bruce prefers to focus on one thing and do it well. He is happy to put a lot of time and effort into both major and minor undertakings, but can't handle too many tasks or too much pressure at once. He tends to celebrate his victories and fails to learn from his failures. His outlook is that both humans and Navis have unlimited potential within their own design, and that circumstances are never an excuse to not go all-out. He avoids conflict, but enjoys friendly competition. He is, however, burdened by his eternal contract with Mephisto, which requires him to punish the wicked and return them to hell.

PET Modifications: Bruce's PET was once bright red, but the color has faded to almost pink. The PET has no intentional modifications, but a lifetime of dents and cuts across its surface.

Custom Weapon:
Bruce can fight with chains or a motorcycle and also launch blasts of hellfire from his hands.
Please attach an appearance picture of Bruce Shiner featuring whichever Hollywood Actor you believe best exemplifies the new Bruce.

And please also attach a picture of Halle Berry.
For research purposes only, of course.
I'm closing this to prevent us from having to read the scripts of Catwoman and Ghost Rider mashed together.