Rass Housekeeping Edits

The fixer-upper: Changes in Red

Name: Rass.exe (Rapid Assimilation and Synthesis System)
Gender: Male?
Type: Normal
Subtype: Summon
Background: Every major scientific discovery masks the countless failures that were needed to bring it about. Rass.exe demonstrates this principle in a way few would expect — he is a success composed of countless failures. Ever since Lan Hikari demonstrated great potential with the "soulcross" system back in the early days of the network, many organizations have tried to capitalize on the power, with varying degrees of success. The Sharo government was no different, and in the dark confines of a government research facility, several tests were run to splice together several navis — again, with varying degrees of success. One night, a group of rebels broke into the lab network, attempting to cripple the Sharo R&D program. Knowing that it would take far too much time to delete the files, they loaded up the core files from every piece of the network, placed them in the soulcross splicer, and set the device on overload.

...and thus Rass.EXE, the fusion navi, was born.


Rass stands only slightly shorter than your average normalnavi with a slender figure that seems to almost flow and move on its own. His default form features a two-toned body of pink and ebony, a long yellow scarf, and metallic black boots. His silver-visored helmet covers a round, black face with a pair of eyes and little else. Rass's voice is nervous and unsure, slightly higher than normal, and he tends to stutter a lot when talking.

The only other feature of Rass's body that deserves any mention is a trio of gemstones that line his back — a garnet, a sapphire, and a jade. Strangely enough, there is a fourth socket that looks as though it should contain something but doesn't. In reality, each gemstone actually corresponds to one of the fused systems that compose Rass's body. Gun systems are handled by Ishamel (the garnet), a red, one-eyed sniper unit whose systems were a prototype for the new cursor-types in circulation today. Support chips are handled by Tem (the sapphire), a cobalt-blue female system designed for what was supposed to be Sharo's next-generation tactical combat unit. Melee chips are the responsibility of Argo (the jade), a prototype green system whose successors eventually found use in the Sharo military's Einjerhar-class fighters. When Rass uses a chip, a corresponding system takes over the appropriate appendage necessary for its execution. If for example, Rass uses a sword chip, his normally black arm will become green, signifying that Argo's system has possessed the arm, enabling the sword's activation.

Personality: Simply put, Rass is four personalities integrated into a single body. Rass himself is a very submissive, doubtful, and worrisome navi who is constantly bullied by the other three systems. Ironically, despite his dominant position as the "core" unit, he finds himself making very few independent decisions. He tries his best to be confident during battle, but is oftentimes berated by the other systems for being "weak" and "helpless." As administrator of the Rapid Assimilation and Synthesis System, Rass was originally believed to be a cohesive software program, in charge of restoring systems for the body. However, Rass was later revealed to be the core of an overarching cohesive system, capable of generating, shaping, and controlling the versatile fusionist protoplasm.

Ishamel, the targetting unit, is actually the nicest to Rass, as he tends to ignores Rass entirely. With all of the subroutines going toward targetting opponents, there exists little room for personality or wit. Ishamel speaks only when necessary, and when he does, it tends to be in a dead, robot-like tone. "AFFIRMATIVE, COMMENCE FIRING" or "YOU ARE USELESS, CORE UNIT," pretty much sums up Ishamel's entire vocabulary. Lately, Ishamel seems to have taken to trying to be less robotic for one reason or another, quoting pop culture and speculating about finding a "support unit" for his operator.

Tem, the tactical system, is a calculating being at every level. She expresses absolute confidence in her own abilities to assess a situation and achieve her most desired outcome. Therefore, although she feels that she should be the core unit instead of Rass, who she deems incompetent, she is willing to work alongside him to ensure her own survival. Other aspects of her personality are unknown, but Argo swears that she's a horrible gossip when Rass isn't paying attention.

Argo is undoubtedly the meanest system to Rass, and he seems to actively go out of his way to berate the core system. Argo is a chauvinistic, arrogant, and confident individual who believes that anything other than melee fighting is a disgraceful endeavor. The flip side of this antagonistic personality, however, is Argo's honorable nature. He values a fair fight above all else, and will pressure Rass to intervene if he sees something he doesn't like.

Custom Weapon: Rass's body possesses mid-range busters on the palms of the hand, capable of firing a quick white stream of energy directly from his core.

Half-Charged Shot: Rass charges one or both of his palmbusters with energy directly from his core. Although Rass' fusion core usually works full tilt ensuring that sufficient power is routed to each of the four navi signatures present in his body, he is able to channel the core's considerable resources to create a blast of disintegrating force. When Rass charges his palmbuster units, a white aura surrounds his forearms, and light can be seen emanating from the palms of his hands. The blast erupts forth in a large white globe of energy.

Charged Shot: Similar to the half-charged shot, but wider. The fusion energy no longer collects into a pure white aura, causing the beam and accompanying aura to appear iridescent. The force of the blast tends to knock Rass backwards.


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