Jei Kohime and Dash.EXE

Name: Jei Kohime
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Working as an intern at SciLab, Jei usually has a white lab coat on, but generally wears pretty casual clothing underneath, more often than not a pair of jeans, sandals, and a t-shirt that matches. He doesn't wear glasses, and his eyes are a solid chocolate; while his hair is technically dark brown, it really looks black from gelling it into its usual stylishly-messy look, due to the shine. He has a fair skin tone, an athletic body, and stands at around 5'8"
Personality: Jei's your typical young adult. Frank, yet friendly, he generally tries to keep a friendly yet respectful aura around him with whoever he meets or knows. Very quick-witted, he doesn't miss things and sometimes will pick up on things most others don't. While not the shyest guy around, he isn't very loud, and is somewhat open to new things though may hesitate a little. As an intellectual person, he specializes in network expansion at SciLab, and many hope that he will be hired soon due to his knowledge about site coding and the like.
PET Modifications: He does have one modification: an extra screen. Using his PET's wireless capabilities, he sometimes has a headset that can go on an ear (and over one eye), to look at his PET screen from a distance. He only uses it when he's busy, though, claiming that "it makes him look like a mecha anime reject."

Name: Dash.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: Standing at about a little over the average Navi's height, Dash has fluffy, gray hair that extends down to his lower back, bunched up in the back with a circular object right at his head so it doesn't fly around. His plug-in suit is navy blue with white trim, and generally his body is pretty standard - cylindrical wrists give way to blue hands at the end, and his boost look cylindrical until where his foot pops out, making it seem even a tad bit robotic in style. On the back of his legs are open slits, which he utilizes in his signature attack, as they are really thrusters that send him flying forward. His eyes glow a subtle gray color, and in his hands are what look like an interesting variation of submachine guns, one in each hand, and gray, just like his eyes. His icon, which rests on his ears only, is a white cloud of smoke, much like you'd see coming from a car peeling out, billowing to the left, on a black background.
Personality: Dash is way more outgoing than his navigator, to a fault sometimes. Very laid back and extremely confident, he almost always has a cocky gaze on his face, including a grin that many trademark him for. He does know when it's time to get serious but he doesn't like being very serious at all, and instead prefers to just live it up instead of having to deal with formalities and things of that nature.
Custom Weapon: Dash Gun - The guns that Dash can always be seen holding obviously aren't for show. Fires off like your typical buster, very quickly.
Signature Attack: Dash Tackle - 70 DMG, 2T C.D. A simple attack, the turbo jets on the back of Dash's legs fire off as Dash leans forward, tackling into the nearest enemy. Pretty average, nothing to brag about.
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