Lucia's Snowgear GMO

Winter Wear.GMO
What happens when you let a fire navi with no real idea of modesty design her own winter outfit?

Once burning hair is extinguished and shortened into soft aqua shade that darkens near tips resting just above shoulders. Keeping ears warm are simple aqua blue earmuffs with pink holder between, resting at the connection is a small navi's symbol on each.

Around neck is soft, long scarf that wraps around and ends up hanging down clear to just below knees. Shoulders and arms are left bare thanks to very tightly fitting sports bra styled top. Brown cotton fabric with pink stitching and matching pink straps to wrap around just beneath bust and sides to act as straps to hold it up. Zipper goes up the center to allow to be loosened or drawn up tight to neck when cold. Mid chest and stomach are left exposed while below she wears matching bikini bottom with simular pink strap acting as belt to keep them snug and in place, and while just for show, thin zipper runs front to back down the center.

Below is simular thigh high stockings topped with more pink straps to keep them from falling while pink stitches run down sides, ending in a pair of matching snow boots with fluffy white top and pink souls. The final touch to the outfit is a pair of matching gloves with three buckled straps to adjust tightness and white cotton top to keep warm with.

While the outfit offers almost nothing to actually protect from the harsh Sharo elements, her fiery nature is what keeps her warm in such a skimpy looking outfit. Like her other GMOs, hip quiver appears when in battle while her bow can be summoned in a flurry of snow.
lol, and approved.