Lucia's Mall hopping GMO

Casual Wear.GMO
Seeing a need to look less threatening while around other navis, Lucia has finally found a look she enjoys.

Her normal fiery appearance is lost along with her tan, while hair loses its lift and shade for a cheerier bubble gum pink purple shade, drawn up in very loose pony tail while bangs are left hanging over shoulders. Around neck is a set of expensive looking noise canceling stereo headphones connected to small MP3 player hanging from her hip.
Beneath that hangs loose fitting black tank top covered by purple sleeveless vest held together by single clasp just between her bust to keep things modest as she wears no bra beneath. Her navi symbol rests just above left breast on the vest.

Further down is deep pink short skirt that travels down to mid-thigh and ends with white frill trim. Wrapped around legs is a pair of tan thigh high stockings that come up just beneath skirt meaning hints of skin is exposed randomly while she walks or other movements.

Finishing the new look is a pair of deep purple mid-calf, one-inch heeled boots with pink zipper and trim with very oversized zipper pulls that click lightly while she walks.

For battle in this form a slender hip quiver appears around her hips hanging to one side, and her usual bow makes its appearance in a flurry of flowers rather then flames.