Lucia's Beach GMO

Lucia's normal fiery appearance is abandon for something more suited for beach going summer fun.

Dawning herself in a one-piece competition swimsuit, both front and butt of the design are deep, royal purple while side stripes and X strap back are a much lighter shade of the same color. The suit itself is slightly less constricting then her normal attire, allowing her bust to show its proper endowment even if such is a modest B cup. Her once crimson hair darkens and shifts in shade to a deep grayed purple accompanied by strands of pink to act as highlights throughout. The only distinguishing mark upon the suit is the navi's own symbol, which rests on left butt cheek just under her hip.

Around her neck rests a pair of goggles, black frames and band while the lenses have a mirror coat metalic purple that both protects from sunlight as well as allows ease of seeing in the water. Her silver wrist and anklets abandon for a single lap watch around her left wrist. Though perhaps more covering then her normal attire, she seems to have gotten a slightly richer tan more befitting a time at the beach.

Quiver and bow are abandon, instead navi moves with beach towel wrapped around her hips, a fiery orange towel with a much larger navi symbol taking up most of it. Final accessory is the large purple beach umbrella to protect her from sun and surf, or those random summer rains.