213 GMO

Seraphim.GMO: While under the effects of this GMO M.Angel.213.EXE gains a far more imposing image. For starters she gains two more sets of mechanical wings with the middle most set of wings being the largest of the three. Each set of wings has it's own steam outputs, creating large forms of steam around her. She gains a full 8 inches in height and the iron halo behind her head grows in size. Her color palette is changed from bronze, cooper, and steel to Gold, white, and silver. All of her armor gains in bulk and size along with becoming far more elaborate. Each piece of armor gains more gears, more designs, and more pivots. Each of the gears is each embellished with various designs and patterns. Each of her pieces of armor looks like it was made by a master craftsman, each tiny piece fitting together perfectly and each looking beautiful on its own. Her sword is changed to a large halberd, the blade on the end as large as her torso. This blade is also more of less a slab of metal, like her previous sword.