Gender: Male

Element: Null

Subtype: Melee

Appearance: Sasha takes the form of a large white dog breed known as a Kuvasz. He weighs about 150 pounds and stands around 30 inches high to the shoulder. His whole boy is roughly 6 1/2 feet long from nose to the tip of the tail. He has medium length fur that is straight and thick. This is a dog that was built for the winter and long times outside. He has a deep black nose and dark brown eyes. His ears are triangular and his muzzle if broad and long. His paws are very large and a large majority for his weight comes from muscle mass. Sasha wears a collar that has a dog tag on it with Trent's emblem etched into it.

Personality: Sasha is a very loyal dog to Trent. He is a guardian of the Navi and will be fiercely protective of him around new Navi's. He won't relax until Trent gives him the command to do so, even when relaxing he won't be anywhere near the same as he is when it is just him and Trent. He is suspicious of new things and doesn't enjoy change. He is aggressive and territorial and will fight next to Trent in any situation. He is undeniably brave, taking Trent's care before his own. When Trent and Sasha are isolated, Sasha is a completely different dog. He is very loopy and clown like, sharing the same level of curiosity for the world around him as Trent. Sasha like to have fun when he doesn't have to be on guard. He is very much a one Navi dog.
Sasha has 115 bug Frags to use. I wanted to buy the first sped upgrade, the attack V1 upgrade.

V1 Speed Upgrade -100 Bug Frags-
v1 Attack Upgrade -10 Bug Frags-
Total: 110
Remaining: 5

+6 levels to SP
+1 level to Trent
I currently have 113 bugfrags, I would like to buy a few upgrades.

Bugfrags owned: 113

Buying: HP upgrade V1 (-10) +1 Level
Chip preset Ability (-100) +3 Level

Sasha +4 Levels +10 HP + Preset Chip Ability
Trent +1 Level from Sasha being level 10

Bugfrags remaining: 3