Mark Kerf and Trent.EXE Edits.

The things which are being edited are the Appearance and personality sections of Trent. The Personality section is practically the same, just rewritten and reworded. The Appearance section is different. Also posting here for Approval, a change to the Arctic.GMO, and a new GMO for his level 5 Slot. Mark isn't going through any changes besides background, the personality is all the same.

Name: Mark Kerf

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark looks very little like his cousin Leo. Mark stands at a shorter than average height for a guy, around five foot six inches tall, and weighs around 130 pounds. He has short blond hair and green eyes, with a fair complexion. His frame, as shown by his weight, is small and thin. He doesn't have broad shoulders, and lacks muscle definition in his arms and body. It almost looks as though he is just a skeleton with skin stretched over it. He isn't like this from not eating, or a lack of healthy foods, just from how his body is. He is a very thin and very tiny person. He often keeps his attire classy, wearing nice button up shirts and slacks is a common sight for Mark. He commonly likes to add the vest from three piece suits to his daily wardrobe. He has a pair of black framed glasses. Mark prefers to dress nicely in most cases, makes his tiny frame seem more presentable and less like a teenager or a bum.

Personality: Mark, due to his size, isn't the most openly aggressive person, but he can hold grudges. He is a more passive aggressive person, bordering on the lands of spiteful in his words and actions to those he deals with. He has opinions on everyone he deals with, and will share if asked. He doesn't like people much, but has people skills, so this may be some of the steaming of his anger and negative thoughts towards people. He has to use his people skills to keep Trent fighting. But, if you break through that shell that he has up, he isn't such a evil guy. You have to earn his respect prior. If you show him respect, and not treat him badly for his size, or the likes, he will respect you. He is also very determined and ambitious. He never gives up and once his mind is set on something, it doesn't leave.

Connection with Trent: He treats Trent like a business assest, but couldn't help treating him nicely and fairly. Mark feels a draw towards Trent, and looses a lot of his angry and unfriendly thoughts when speaking with Trent. He isn't a spiteful guy towards him, and the two get along with a mutual respect.

PET Modifications: The PET for Trent is a simple White and blue camo pattern. It has only a few modifications to it. One that allows it to be used an a Music player, because Mark Needs to zone into his work. It also has a browser for quick searches on the internet, and a gps system included also.

Background: Mark Is an Aspiring business man, making a business and a name for himself in underground fighting matches. He started as a lowly gambler, simply casting his lot in with whichever navi he felt was most capable of winning the fight, or the one that he liked the design of the most. His addiction to the sport started as a kid with his first simple netbattling with a basic navi. The thrill was exciting. He would watch netbattles on tv. After making only small gains in his personal fiances, he cracked open several books, websites, and statical break downs of fights and learned how they actually worked. He learned strategy and what to look for in a fight. Mark took several credits towards business in his college days, and decided to put this to work and gather his own band of fighters. He started by purchasing Trent.EXE, and started to train him. He is working on getting fights set up for Trent, and starting his own business of selling the fighters entertainment value to rings that request him.

Prior to owning Trent, Mark did attempt his hand to the underground fighting once before, his inexperience and poor navi training leading to the rapid deletion of the poor navi.

Name: Trent.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Null

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Trent is a tall and imposing navi. His height stands at 6'3" tall, and his weight is 220 pounds. He has a large chest, even for a navi his size, and it adds to his imposing factor. Trent has broad shoulders, and a large Trapezius muscle. His hands are large as well. All of his weight is from muscle, Trent is very physically strong. Trent wears a pair of light grey combat boots, the top of the shoe stopping at mid calf. He wears a pair of digital arctic camo pants. His body suit is a pure white bodysuit, that covers him from the neck to his feet and stops short on the arms, at mid bicep. The body suit is made of a hyper-thermal material that is wore by some Sharoean people that disallows the passage of too much cold air through the out most layer, and keeps a large portion of body heat trapped within the inner layers. Trent wears a pair of black gloves made from this material as well, the gloves are very tight and form fitting, allowing him to have free range of movement in his fingers and wrists. Trent's hair is a very short buzz cut, he prefers to keep an exposed head, even in the harsh environment of Sharo. His body suit keeps him plenty warm.

He has a pronounced brow ridge, slightly cauliflowered ears, and a strong nose. His nose is large and pronounced, with a defined bridge. His cheek bones aren't very visible, giving his facial contours a flatter appearance from the eyes down. He has green eyes. He also has a tattoo on his right upper arm that reads "гладиатор". This tattoo is a permanent part of his programming, and can not be removed by any means, and is always present in his GMO's. Finally Trent has black leg straps with attached knife sheathes, to hold his weapons of choice. On each leg he has several knives, some balanced for throwing, some with grip modifications, and some that are extra long in length. Each blade as a specific purpose in his fighting, and he holds three on each leg. In his right boot he houses a boot knife.

Trent's Navi Symbol is a pair of knives crossing over a digital camo background, which he wears on a pair of dogtags. One of the tags has his name, the other his symbol etched within.

Personality: Trent has a very very strong survivor drive. He will do whatever it takes, and whatever he needs to do to get the job done. He looks out primarily for himself, giving minimal amounts of concern to those around him. If another manages to develop a deep bond with Trent, he would protect and help them, but doing so is by no means an easy task. Trent is cold hearted and unstable. His past often guiding his harsh decisions. Social situations aren't his strong suit. He is blunt in his logic and the way he talks. He doesn't speak much unless you have been around him much. He isn't outspoken. His outlook on life is generally grim, seeing everything as temporary and possible to change. He takes nothing for granted, everything he has was fought hard for. Literally. He does however have a unusually high level of curiosity. He keeps his inquiries to himself choosing not to branch out much. For the most part, he is basically a good. The good is just so far buried under his survivor drive, it will never see the light of day for long. Trent has learned to block out a lot of the awful things he is subject too, simply doing as he must.

Trent gets along mostly well with Mark, keeping a mutually beneficial relationship with him. He doesn't seek much help of conversation from him, but respects him none the less. He takes only basic orders from Mark, thinking of him as an eye in the sky and a good assistance to distance combat, something he isn't well equipped for.

Custom Weapon: Trent's custom weapons are his knives and his fists.

Background: Trent was once a navi designed to be operated by a computer system, meant only for chip suppy, and was stationed as a guard for high profile pages and databases. His main mission was guarding a secure page within the Sharo network, deep in the arctic regions. This went well for him until his "operator" was hacked and his supplies cut off. His database was attacked, and without the proper weapons or supplies, he fled. The base was lost quickly by the attackers and the information stolen. Trent was without operator in the cold arctic, wondering around hopelessly for days. In the cold, and with his body suits effective dwindling, he was nearly frozen from the harshness of the net.

Trent was picked up by NetMafia members, his body being thrown in with the rest of the "Salvaged" navis found in the area. Taken to a underground trading spot, Trent was planned to be sold as a slave. Often without operator navi's were captured in this manner and sold as organizers, guards, workers, and lots of other positions. Trent was sold into a far more barbaric event. He was picked up as a underground fighter, with operator and navi alike casting in bets on the Navi fights.

Trent was picked up by generic fighting ring at first, only to be used as stock matches and warm up fights for the bigger contenders. He would fight viruses, other navis, navigate obstacle courses, all with deletion on the line. He won battle after battle, keeping up himself alive and keeping the crowd entertained. Soon he rose up through the crowd as a favorite, and was bought off by Mark Kerf. Mark Kerf is an aspiring business man, looking to make good money at the expensive of a few Navis. He bought Trent and has recently been Training and preparing him.

HoodieKid.GMO: In this GMO Trent's appearance is changed to that of a teenager looking kid. The He looses his broad shoulders and large frame for something more spindly frame and smaller shoulders. In this GMO he stands at 5'7" tall, and weighs a mere 150. His tough arctic clothing is all replaced by a black hoodie and a full black body suit. Over the body suit a loose fitting pair of dark blue jeans is worn, with a hole in one knee. The hoodie has a large hood, the top of which falls down to shadow his eye lines. Sometimes the hood is so large it blocks his eye sight. The hoodie is scuffed and dirty. The fighter still carried his knifes with him, though he only has three on him. One is concealed in the hoodie lining, some in attached to his calf under the jeans, and the other is a tiny shiv in the front pouch on the hoodie. Trents Hair remains the same. His hands become taped like a boxer. This GMO was designed by Mark to conceal Trent's imposing nature. He uses it when introducing Trent in a new fighting circuit, or when trying to make Trent stand out less.

NormalNavi1.GMO: In this GMO Trent one again looses his size and is knocked down a few inches to a basic navi height. He stands at 5'10" tall and weight 185 pounds. His muscle mass is gone, and is instead replaced by a plain boring hunk of average boring body structure. He is dressed as normal navi in this GMO, his main body being covered by a black body suit. He wears a pair of light blue metal bracers and grieves, for protection on his forearms and calves. A standard buster can be formed on his right hand. A navi helment is added, it looks like a metal bowl wrapped around his head, and is the same color as the other armor. A visor floats before Trent's eyes, allowing him to read new data and information from Mark. A facemask can be added to the helmet, covering all but his eyes. This is worn whenever the Pair needs to venture out in a public setting, such as the netsquare, or maybe in heavily populated training areas.
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