Name: Xray.SP
Gender: Female
The glistening porcelain network floor reflected many things in the span of a second: the different medical professionals walking around a hospital, the scared faces of a patient as they await news that could change their fate. One of these faces reflected was of a young program from Yumland, her gaze obstructed by a large pitch-black visor. Above the visor would be a beige helmet, though not covering her apparent rainbow-colored hair, alternating the different spectrums of light. Such a first impression would obviously put off quite some amount of young Mr. Progs through their examination periods, especially the one whose appointment began at this very moment. To the patient, she looked statuesque, yet in reality it was closer to 5'4 in human world feet; yet it wasn't the most important detail he could see as she continued inspecting the Prog without a word. No, the bigger oddity in her would be the blaring green tubes outfitting her milky white body plates, lightning fast lights going from her arms outwards, generally going outwards from her flat chest plate. Her athletic abs as well as her upper arms and thighs would be covered in a green pixilated bodysuit latex material, complimenting her hair.
Her legs, the Prog noticed as they finally started mobilizing, also seem to have wires extending upwards, yet it had to wonder for what possible purpose. Admittedly, as Mr. Progs weren't exactly arbiters of scientific discoveries, it couldn't have possibly known (or seen) that the wires connected to her back, which seemed to have a panel and a lead column extending outwards. The program would then finally start to notice a structure akin to that of a gun! It even clicked and contained a hand rest for her gloved hand to enter inside, presumably to fire. At this point it was pretty clear even to the Prog that the target seems to be him, if not by Xray just holding the gun, but by the simple fact that the visor showed twin red dots, signifying her eyes. The Mr. Prog's happy-go-lucky face seems to then turn into one of abject horror as finally, that deadly click dawned of him, the weapon... firing nothing? The Support Program would not remark on the Prog's behavior, she's seen weirder things before, and instead show a panel, detailing the simple program's inner workings.

"Your X-Ray has been taken." Those simple words would be the only ones she'd normally say to patients, keeping a rather professional attitude during her work. Unlike the chaotic disposition of DNR, she was very narrow-minded in almost every situation. It made sense though, after all, her focus was on inspecting the different mechanisms hidden inside the patient. When offered a special opportunity to actually utilize such a skill in virus busting, she jumped at the chance, thinking it is simple. Yet given whom she has to work with... it was clear to anybody that nothing was ever so simple.

Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor