Trying to get a .GMO to use in my current mission approved. This will be my level 0 .GMO.

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A cheap pay-to-download .GMO design Bruce bought online from Belfast Avatars on the fly as cover for a mission, not knowing how to program his own. The outfit consists of a red blouse and skirt, made to look like a short sheath dress by a large, dark red breast belt with two silver buckles. The outfit fits Dare's curves well, but because of this snugness and the silver bangle braclets it adds, she finds it cumbersome for battle. It retains the hairstyle and shades from her original outfit, a customization option chosen by Bruce in the interest of time, but adds simple silver earrings. The only conspicuous holdovers from her original outfit are the earguards, which remain the same, and the large chrome pipes which protrude from either ankle of each of her red high-heel shoes.

Because of the lack of customization detail on Bruce's part, if Dare enters battle routine while wearing this outfit, her motorcycle helmet still appears as usual.
Yes. Approval.