Wolfman's GMOs

Since Wolfman is lvl 9 and I still only have his starter GMO, I think I'll add another once from when he hit lvl 5.


In this form, Wolfman once again retains his human form. He stands at the net equivalent of 6'2" and would weigh approximately 215lbs. He is built for strength, but not overly muscular. He wears a Victorian style suit with black slacks and jacket. His shirt is a burgundy red and he has a jet black vest and necktie. All in all, he looks quite dapper in a gentlemanly manner. His dark hair is still worn long, but is tied back in a tail that hangs just past his shoulder blades. His hair, while still black, holds streaks of grey around the temples. Wolfman sports a finely trimmed goatee that remains raven black. Wolfman still wears a pair of wireframe glasses to hide the glow of his golden eyes. In this form, Wolfman comes equipped with a cane of fine ebony wood. The end of the cane is capped in silver and the pommel is designed to resemble the head of a wolf carved in silver. The cane conceals a single-edged three foot blade that ends in a tapered point. He also has a top hat.

Approved anyway.
Fine. *Adds tophat*