Operator and navi

Name:Dan bebbington
What he looks like:Dan has brown eyes and brown spikey hair.He wears blue jeans and a white shirt with a short black leather jacket.He also wears black boots.

PET:He has a siver ringed PET with black in the middle around the screen.with the sceen being separated from the black with a white line.

Personality:Dan likes lounging about with freinds and netbattling.He is freindly and calm.He does not like it when people underestimate him and does not like people being nosy. He does not like sports and is thin, but not weak yet not strong.

Personaity:Saber man does not talk much when in battle,but when saber man is not battling he talks regularly.He's also quite freindly but cool and calm at the same time.

What does he look like:Saberman looks just like Dan the only diffrence is that Saberman has siver navi armor and that he carries a saber on his back.Saber man is the height of a regular navi.

personal attack:utima slash Saberman jumps in the air and does a slash that hurts all enemys on the oppisite side of the field.All the enermys take 40 damage with a two 2 cool down.
You need longer, better descriptions on everything, first and foremost.

Second, your sig attack is way overpowered. A level 1 sig can't do damage to 'all enemies' Heck, a level 2 or 3 can't even do that. Something more appropriate would be 70 dmg to 1 enemy with a 2 turn cooldown.