Chris Appearance Overhaul and Custom PET

Changing Chris's appearance, because it currently looks way too similar to Nitro.

Chris Harper
Chris stands at roughly 6 feet 2 inches, and weighs about 139 lbs. He wears a green t-shirt with yellow trim, and a pair of plain blue jeans. His shoes are black, with orange trim on the soles. He has dark brown hair (almost to the point of being black) and green eyes, not to mention a pretty prominent teen-stache, which he refuses to shave. He believes it makes him look older, while others would say it just makes him look homeless.

In addition, I've decided to make a custom PET for myself.
Custom PET
Chris' PET has two screens on it, the bottom touch screen generally used for menu navigation, while the top screen by default has and over-the-shoulder view of what Nitro's currently doing.

By default, the bottom screen displays the battle chip folder currently being used. When a chip is slotted in via the slot on the left of the PET for the first time, the data is stored within the PET's internal memory, enabling Chris to use the chip in the future without having to slot it in. Chip data recieved from the NET can also be transfered onto a blank chip for real-world use, like the 3 Chip Trader. When Chris is in any other screen, Chris only has to select the Return to Chips tab that appears on every screen.

The button and tab displaying Nitro's symbol brings up the Navicust screen, enabling Chris to add and remove various upgrades applied to Nitro.

The button and tab displaying an eye puts the bottom screen into First-Person Mode. With this function, Chris can see out of Nitro's eyes, and using the touch screen, make notes which appear on Nitro's visor in real time. When Chris leaves this function, the notes remain on Nitro's visor for a few seconds, before fading away.

The button and tab displaying a camera puts the bottom screen into Free Camera Mode. In this mode, the "camera" moves to a point about twenty feet away from Nitro. Chris is then able to pan the camera around Nitro, to gain a better view of their surroundings. Returning to the chip screen returns the camera to its default position.

The button and tab displaying a pencil allows Chris access to the Notepad function. from here, Chris is able to take notes on the touch screen, then send them to his Navi's buster display.

Pressing either shoulder button allows Chris to project a screen in the Net using the internal camera. While using this function, Chris's viewpoint changes from over Nitro's shoulder to the center of the screen. Chris can rotate the screen using the directional buttons on the PET.

When the PET is closed, Nitro is able to use the external projector to project a 3-D hologram of himself into the real world. This hologram stands at about six inches high, but is unable to physically interact with real-world objects.