Profile Rehaul

Just rewriting descriptions and personalities so they looks less bland.

Quote (Old Red)

Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground [A late request for more power and an appetite for terrain]
Description: A small brunnette haired girl with chocolate brown eyes who wears a red hood that covers most of her body. Underneath she wears a white short sleeve collared shirt and a blue, checkered skirt. She wears black socks that go up to her knees. At her feet are brown leather shoes. She carries a picnic basket over her left shoulder.
Personality: Very cheery most of the time and likes to skip across the net. However, when she is in battle... Well actually she's just as optimistic. If she sees a Spikey in battle for instance, "Hello Mr. Spikey! How are you doing this fine day!? *pets Spikey*" See what I mean? Oh, and her friends call her Red.
Custom Weapon: Picnic Basket, It's a picnic basket filled with Cherry blossom petals. She throws the petals at her opponent to do damage. The charge attack is that she throws a lot of petals at her opponent or she manifests the cherry blossoms into some giant fist or something and sends it flying at the enemy.

Quote (New Red)

Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground [A late request for more power and an appetite for terrain]

Physical Description: Red stands at the net equivalent of about 4'6" and has all the playfulness of a twelve-year old. Her hair is short and brunette, cut to just above shoulder-length, her skin is a healthy peach, and her eyes possess chocolate brown depth in color.
An article of clothing Red is rarely seen without is a hooded cloak dyed blood-red, underneath which can only be described as a typical school uniform. White button-up short sleeve collared shirt, a knee-length blue-and-white checkered skirt, black socks that go up to her just below her thighs, and brown loafers. Slung across her left shoulder is her trusty picnic basket, used for storage of who-knows-what.
Her navi symbol is adorned on the right side of her picnic basket and on the neckline of the cloak. It depicts a juicy red apple with a stem on top and green leaf coming out of the right side of the latter against a navy blue background.

Personality: Cheerful, honest, and playful, Red sees life as full of fun and enjoyment. A true optimist, she isn't one to be proved otherwise and tries her best in everything she does. Red enjoys making friends most of all, probably only second to eating delicious snacks. A common trait she shares with her operator.
Having faced hard times quite recently, Red takes things as they are and adapts how to react to events as they come.


Quote (Old Shin)

Name: Fujiwara Shin
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5' 8", black matted hair, red eyes, black sunglasses, black gloves, black tanktop, long black pants, black boots. He also wears a black long sleeve, zip-up jacket. Asian skin.
Personality: A netop who hails from the country of Yumland and is fairly skilled in martial arts. Cheerful, likes to crack jokes with people, and overly random. However, when there's a serious situation, he becomes serious as well, trying to analyze the situation and think of a way out.

Quote (Shin Rewrite)

Name: Fujiwara Shin
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Shin stands at a good 5'8" and has flat, black, matter hair that is generally just combed that way. His eyes are a piercing crimson, because of this, he tends to wear rectangular-framed sunglasses to seem less intimidating and "because it looks cool" so he says.
Shin's skin is that of a typical Electopian though he is of both Electopian and Choinese descent, not like anyone could tell the difference though. His physique is well-toned and not particularly super-athletic, but it's definitely above an average person's. This is most likely due to a high mastery of martial arts which required strict training.
Shin's wardrobe may change daily/weekly as he is sick and tired of just wearing black all the time. He does like that long-sleeve zip-up jacket that he adopted a while back, though it seems to also possess a hood at the moment. He likes to keep the jacket open, so he'll be showing probably different T-shirt every time you meet him.
The Eastener seems to also have kept those black gloves he's been wearing for so long, most would wonder if they serve as handguards for fights now, but they seem regular enough.
Apparently Shin wasn't concerned about anything below-waist being part of his wardrobe change. Typical clothing articles that appear include jeans, cargo pants, and sports pants, all of consistently dark colors.
Black boots in the rain, sneakers otherwise. Shin has also opted to carry things in a black duffel bag from now on, rather than the sack he used to pull out from nowhere.

Personality: Seemingly unchanged. Shin is still very casual and nonchalant about everything, but still has that adaptable side to him when the situation calls for it, which means all the time.
He loves snacks, his navi loves snacks, and he's probably working part-time as a writer about food or something.

Support Program

Quote (Old Myun)

Description: Myun takes the appearance of a rabbit about half the size of Red_Riding_Hood.exe, and is always standing upright on her giant feet. Her coat of fur is an orangish-red and her eyes are cute black dots. Unlike normal rabbits, her ears each have a fist at the end of them and said fists are equipped with red boxing gloves. Myun's front paws are also adorned with the same red boxing gloves found on her ears. On her behind is a short red tail used for balance. She has the ability to communicate freely with Red and her operator, Shin. Myun's personality is very gung-ho and is always ready for a battle, she usually says cheesy lines like, "I will punch you with my fist full of my burning soul!"

Quote (Myun Rewrite)

Physical Description: Myun takes the appearance of a rabbit constantly standing upright on some giant feet at a height of 2'4". Her fur is a coat of orangish-red and her eyes are cute black upward ellipses, they always seem to be half closed though.
Her ear strength is enormous, so she has red boxing gloves attached to the ends of them for rapid attacks. Myun also wears the same gloves on her front paws. The support program manages to stay upright with a short, white cottony tail on her behind.

Personality: Myun can freely communicate with others but is usually quiet and makes only short, necessary, robotic-like statements, phrases, and inquiries. Despite this apparent shyness, Myun is always excited and ready for battle, so when you're facing her, you better be prepared.
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